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Administrative Sciences

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The schools of the present administration, therefore, must have teachers representing a guarantee in the training of graduates in management to end, that they have modern knowledge of administrative science adapted to the realities of Venezuelan scenario. You must assess what so prepared, trained, are their teachers before the current challenges and if they can they generate the necessary changes to give way to the transformations that involve to companies to join the current Government’s economic programs, as well as that their graduates who are trained, can carry out their duties, in such a way that favor companies in their participation, commitment, in addition, of Learn to take advantage of opportunities that present this favoring – requires a new assessment of which should be the role of the current teacher, academic endorsements that should they possess, in addition to their experience, pedagogical skills, dexterity, to not only convey knowledge, but that its participants are proactive actors in developing other modern, giving way to a new paradigm of management in a scenariothat increasingly more the Government wants it presented as a Socialist. Venezuelan public universities management schools need the review not only of its boundaries against the society of knowledge, of their teachers, but what should be its role in the current scenarios. You need to evaluate how should be the use of new technologies in connection with the formation of its human capital, since this will allow the goals to which the nation aspires. Need to establish proactive, beneficial forms that know how to properly use human talent that is handled, which is of step proposals, solutions, favorable participations in pro do that the business sector benefited from having the fence, driving the Administration, properly trained professionals trained by teachers who are fully identified with knowledge that motivate to make way for actions, plans, strategies favouring the current business sector that requires it. In order to fulfill this responsibility, with these achievements, it is necessary to have the schools of administration, with a roster of educational visionaries, strategists, motivating, able to generate that interest of the challenges with up-to-date knowledge, with that profile as the administrator today in the participants required to be productive, efficient, innovative, creative.

In other words, need teachers, teachers qualified, with postgraduate degrees of preference in Administrative Sciences, where more than ever, as pointed out by Rosana Lecay, their rights, their functions, the quality of the results obtained and tools used in their work, are continuously monitored and revised to technological progress, with an environment in constant change and front the growing expectation of society with respect to the contribution of its management. The teacher of the Administration, our interest in this opportunity, and confronts new conditions, therefore, their training should correspond to the current challenges. Awareness of the changes occurring in the environment of teaching, allows to determine the skills and competencies required to perform their craft and training programmes to help develop them. The Venezuelan business sector needs professionals who not only face the changes, challenges, but bring about the transformations that give confidence to the Venezuelan business sector and help to encourage productivity the country demand in many products which not are being manufactured for this purpose, you need teachers that foster knowledge, tools that achieve this goal.thus ensuring effective participation of schools of administration in the current scenario.