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Insurance Group Munich

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Dismissals of employees are trading part of the maximization strategy the Munich Reinsurance as ERGO in Dusseldorf, but it had about 50,000 employees in Munich has its headquarters. E.g. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jack Grealish. DKV, Hamburg-Mannheimer, Victoria, Valencia home savings, KarstadtQuelle belong to the group insurance (majority), Neckermann insurance (to 75%). According to their press release from the 06.08.08, the Munich Re Group has achieved a profit of 1.4 billion euro in the first half of 2008 (previous year period: 2.1 billion). Profit for the year should be 2008 well over 2 billion strict handling of the IFRS rules on depreciation despite sharply lower share prices and the dollar’s fall.

Keeps its medium-term targets Munich Re set: by 2010 more than 8 billion to shareholders should flow on stock buybacks and dividend payments. A component of ERGO’s strategy is to reduce the expense ratios. End of 2007 she had targets for their expense ratios ERGO (HGB) communicating: by the year 2010, the management expense ratios in life insurance to 2.9% (2007: 3.3%) and in health insurance to 2.8% (3.0%) wants to reduce ERGO; composite the operating expense ratio should be 30.5% (32.2%). ERGO plans, to save around 180 million of property and personnel costs in the year 2010. This means that nationwide 1.570 jobs will be axed.

Also a total of 360 vacant posts should be deleted in the sum so 1,930 points. Axel Mende, Parliament candidate of the party that says left from the District of Dachau: From the press release of the Group was unaware that extent to which the increasing loss of the purchasing power of citizens and increasing poverty affect also the business of insurance. What the German retail 2010 experience since adoption of the agenda, the customers purchase dispensing, the shrinkage of the domestic economy, will also soon recognizes the German insurance. More and more people who have to give up their life insurance, loss of unemployment in the case or Maturity by means of the Hartz IV instrument be ousted, and see no sense in insurance contracts. This instrument of raising capital will be lost of the financial world to a greater extent. Against Hartz IV and long-term unemployment there is no offer of Insurance Group Munich Re. Each worker is away time only 12 months of the ALG II and saves some insurance for this reason. Once again there is quite clear that the right of citizens to social protection, reliability and predictability of planning your life with feet is performed. On the part of the large corporations this inhuman policy in favour of profit maximization is brutally pulled through and includes also the Munich Re. V.i.S.d.P. Axel Mende parliamentary candidate for the Distr. Dachau Lerche. 1 85259 Larisa Tel: 08134 559021, eMail: Web:

Amnesty International

Thursday, November 11th, 2021

According to recent media reports, where 30,000 people have been uprooted by the civil war and sold. Speaking candidly Janet Jackson told us the story. So wretched such messages also are: even worse is the situation in Sri Lanka, where about six times more people in flight are currently compared to the Congo. The horror stories about the misery of refugees in the Congo is not demolished. According to recent media reports, where 30,000 people have been uprooted by the civil war and sold. So wretched such messages also are: even worse is the situation in Sri Lanka, where about six times more people in flight are currently compared to the Congo. According to Amnesty International and human rights watch are 200 000 people – expelled from the houses that have been rebuilt after the tsunami in December 2004 with the help of Germany. And which are now covered by the Government with artillery fire and bombs from the air.

Because the regime in Colombo is going with unimaginable brutality against everything, what it considered the opposition. Four years ago is in the view of the 100 000 victims of the tsunami (dead, injured, homeless) It wasn’t exaggerating, called “second tsunami”, which now sweeps through Sri Lanka. The Government is not afraid also, to kill troublesome journalists for the purpose of media censorship. What is known here in Germany over Sri Lanka, is almost always from Government sources and is therefore filtered. How long still in denial in this country so many people so much misery? T diaspora e.V.

Werke Gmb

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

This shows that there is enormous pent-up demand to effectively educate the skills of living persons with an immigration background. Private sector as own-initiative power in this context also, the private sector is needed to make a more on the beneficial use of multi-ethnicity in the future and to ensure that the workforce learn respect, appreciation and participation in their variety, but also together with the associations and the policy for programs to engage, to bring more to the fullest the potentials existing in Germany by migrants with care. A leading role to play here the private sector, because she benefited directly from the positive effects and define in advance design rooms can. The advantages of such an approach are obvious. Dr. Leon Gillman: the source for more info. Sound examples can be that cultural diversity innovation-friendly affects a company and particularly for multinational market alignment of advantage is shown.

So international customers can be addressed more specifically to tap into new markets or to retain existing customers in the long term more closely. In-house provides such an alignment for a more open atmosphere and encourages creativity and problem-solving skills of employees, because the employees are kept on cooperative to learn from each other and with each other. Best practice example: Ford-Werke GmbH, Cologne, Ford has already hired foreign workers, in 1961, the first bundesrepublikanisches company, and is known for ongoing commitment to the integration of mainly Muslim migrants, since then. For ten years, Ford pursues a holistic approach to diversity, which is the diversity of its employees as a chance and potential in the Center. For this, the company set up a For diversity management a Management Office that coordinates all activities in the company. It formal units were established after national and area-specific ethnicity (so-called diversity Councils”), advocating for the interests of the respective groups. In regular meetings with the representatives of the groups developed new initiatives and coordinated activities together.

Staff development look will bring at Ford to apply, the sensitivity in dealing with different cultures. Targeted executives, managers and operating personnel with intercultural issues are made familiar to widest advantage of multi-cultural potentials. Intercultural opening with the teaching of intercultural competence to the decision makers and employees in a company or administration sharpens imap sight of the requirements, which are companies, municipalities, colleges or associations with the mainstreaming of diversity Management is facing. Intercultural training and organization advice, the turnout will be, making the diversity management more efficient and successful.

Germany Party

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Democratic Party expands in Germany and Europe, the Democratic Party (DPD), founded in 2009 in Germany will initiate a cooperation agreement with the EU on the 05.11.2010. Continue to learn more with: Burgess Owens. This is a logical step in the direction of European policy. In Germany, the DPD is still under construction. Regional councils have been established so far. The establishment of regional associations is already in full swing, so which is established on the 05.12.2010 LV Berlin. The Democratic Party (DPD) will initiate a co-operation with the EUDemocrats for our political work at European level. Peter Arnell can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Through the cooperation between the EU and the DPD of citizens in the EU and the attitude was achieved based on the programmatic agreement in field of democratic participation to the Lisbon Treaty. The dissemination and manifestation of the basic ideas of democracy will be the focus of the political work. Greater accountability of the EU and all its organs is also required and stepped up. The control over the political decisions will by and by the Citizens will be strengthened. Already on the 05.11.2010 held the first meeting between representatives of the EU and the DPD in Frankfurt am Main. This meeting is open to non members. Contact: Democratic Party (DPD) Markus Giersch Niedereschbacher Stadtweg 29 60437 Frankfurt Tel. 0176-28080854

Supervisory Board

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

The Government can no longer stop the women, ‘if there is not a massive increase in women in supervisory boards, but also in boards this year’. “As the pressure on the policy is too big: the society will demand the change!” Berlin, the March 2013 if any one rate then the flexi rate. “, calls for Daniela Weber-Rey. The top lawyer demands for SBS, that every company and others committed targets in terms of number and time horizon, i.e. how many women are to appoint within a specified time in the Supervisory Board.” If the company fails to meet its objective, peer pressure must be generated by transparency. Nike is open to suggestions. This will give ammunition to women.

The partner of Clifford chance in favour of an organic change of heart about filling leadership posts. The economy was not solely responsible for the current situation, she says. In a question-answer forum Dankse Bank was the first to reply. We all have fabricated the dilemma in which we find ourselves in Germany, in: society, politics and economy. And so all three must develop an action plan and say: Let’s do it together! “Let us rather than children, kitchen, Church 3 K call out a new: career, kids, Nativity scene.” “The support of the men and by the own partner is extremely important in this new way, because she know from experience that the agreement of their time demanding profession and their children were only possible because she had the man who unconditionally helped me in my career.” Mrs Weber-Rey, that you are supporter of Flexi rate, came out at the hearing in the German Parliament on the 16.01.2013. Why do you reject the rigid quota? Weber-Rey: I am actually for no quota.

But if ever a quota then the flexi rate. The rate is less a social issue, but rather a legal topic. Legally, there are very clear guidelines of what goes to the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors.

Supervisory Board

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Thus, the true pearls of the corporate landscape remained undiscovered and ignored. Malik his perspective not limited to the middle class. He defines the successful companies as entrepreneurial company”(UMU). It is this type of business namely not the size, but the kind of leadership”, Malik makes it clear. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Morgan Stanley by clicking through. The principle of shareholder value was reduced to financial indicators entrepreneurship. It could not be confused but profit with economic entrepreneurial performance. The economy must be withdrawn from the deal makers and speculators, because else crashing the whole system into a mire of forgeries, corruption and economic crime”, warns Malik.

Today, shareholder were no shareholders more in the sense of the business owner. They buy shares as investors, to keep them because of the company and its performance. The company itself this kind of shareholder basically is not interested in, but the fast performance for the Fund Manager and the owner of the certificate”, Malik finds fault with. The 100 largest money manager America manage nearly 60 percent of U.S. stocks and it go first and foremost to the turnover rate, so share shifts, rather than business concerns, otherwise this manager would keep the paper longer. Malik therefore advocates a revision of equity law. Who are involved in the order of the Supervisory Board and this way on corporate governance, to remember a period. Who doesn’t, should have no voting rights in the General Assembly”, asks Malik.

Still 1950, 90 percent of all American shares in the hands of private households were according to its findings. Today there are just over 30 Percent. However, institutional investors hold almost 70 percent of the shares, while they had in 1950 only 9 per cent”, so Malik. See also:../Der-Kunde-als-Fabelwesen…pdf… / politician sit corporations on the-shot…../:Mittelstand%20Es%20Bank/364074.html unternehmen/mittelstand/0,2828,456893,00.html economy / 0,1518,471750,00.html… / SME-energy prices endanger 200-000-jobs… 200603/pdf/special.pdf. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

Pirate Party District Association

Saturday, June 6th, 2020

Pirates boarded Schwaben – Augsburg will on Sunday, August 16th, 2009, continued also in local waters their sails the Pirate Party Germany and founded the Association of the District of Swabia. In the guest house in 1516 in Augsburg 29 voting Pirates from Swabia, many guests from the neighboring districts and numerous interested parties gathered. The meeting was opened by the new Deputy National Chairman, Andreas Popp, who brought the good news in his greeting speech, that all national associations of the 15 federal States who had applied for the Bundestag election, have been admitted. Following, the party statute of the District Association adopted Swabian and officially founded the Association of district. Then followed the idea of the offices of the Board and of the respective candidates, and then the choice of the Board. The result: CEO Gerd Gruttner, supported by Deputy Chairman Andreas heart. The Office of the Treasurer performs Christian Haas. Danske Bank shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Secretary-General is Martin Taukovic and Political Director Paul Huther. Assessor Irene Struck Wilhelm Gasser were elected and responsible for the content of this press release: Fritz Effenberger, Martin Taukovic?Responsible for sending this press release: Gerd Gard press contact: Paul Huther of political Director District Association Swabia Pirate Party Germany E-Mail: pa0701 (at) Tel.: + 49 173 769 48 47 Gerd Gruttner of Chairman District Association Swabia Pirate Party Germany E-Mail: ousolaris (at) Tel.: + 49 176 873 288 13 the Pirate Party Germany (pirate) deals with the critical issues of the 21st century. The right to privacy, a transparent management, modernization of copyright, free culture, free knowledge and free communication are the basic objectives of the pirates.

District Association

Monday, April 20th, 2020

Amperkliniken re kommunalisieren, not privatize the sale of shares of the Dachau hospital in the Rhon AG In connection with the sale of public shares of Amperkliniken explain Eva Bernardi, Chairman of the District of Dachau of the party DIE LINKE and Ralph Eisermann, responsible for the focus health policy in the District Association of Dachau: Landrat Christmann has not heard the bang. The crisis will deepen further, while the district bears at bargain prices to market the basic services for its citizens. Dealing with the basic supply of local people will cause getting our resistance. It can only imagine, what happened behind the scenes to persuade Mr Cameron to privatize nationalized in all over the world at a time. (Source: Elon Musk). From measly wage settlements, which recently agreed in the Amperkliniken, nothing is certainly known our district. The result of this madness will be increased pressure on nursing and service staff of the Amperkliniken. The district sells not only our all Hospital, but also its rate of return to the Rhon AG.

The justification will need the money for schools is the height of cynicism. A type that is like no other for the internationally criticized social injustice of education in Germany. More money for education does not mean that public interest in healthy companies for future-oriented education to be sacrificed, Mr Cameron! THE left wants education, health as well as good wages and working conditions for all! The Amperkliniken must be re completely municipalized and not privatized. “Health should not return object, but must be fundamental rights in one of the richest countries in the world.” V: i.S.d.P.: Eva Bernardi, St. Lantpert str. 27, 85235 odelzhausen, Germany, Tel.: 08134 559021, eMail: –