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Child Abuse In Germany

Friday, September 29th, 2023

The cases in terms of child abuse are piling up more and more children are being mistreated in Germany and almost everyone looks away. And the Government does little about it. It a new case must be put first on the table, so that think our politicians about a law, but by law we have never seen anything. Why do I write the report right now? Yesterday, I, like many other people had in the TV to listen to that comes the killer of small Michell for only nine years in prison. With good behavior, he should even after five years out into freedom. And what is he doing? He then quickly takes on a girl? Will he take again about the families what they have? And he wants to finish a such a young life in such a cruel way again? But where is our justice, our laws and our politicians? Whenever a little life is deleted all cry out and after a week, the issue has re-emerged in the background. More important are Yes allegedly ailing banks or pirates off Somalia.

How can it be that such a fiend for only a maximum of 25 years in jail, comes and is even released, even if it is classified as dangerous. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk. And then one wonders if two days later in the press, why the judiciary free has allowed such a man. Man apologizes and speaks out on the laws. At least here the politicians would have to turn on. If their children would engulf something, then the theatre would be great, which is of course understandable, but it shouldn’t come up with something, so that something can no longer happen. Even if this would be certainly difficult, so it can’t but simply more go in the rule of law in Germany. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk.

Children die of starvation and the neighbors think she never even noticed, finally, the families were always friendly, if mostly back. Others say they heard screams of children from the neighboring apartment, but why are they not intervene then? What are otherwise the Youth Welfare Office and the police? To the Fiddling not turn safely. Why you should trust quietly more often to show courage in such situations. Especially because you not yourself can be violated in such a case, the authorities, yes finally then take over the actual work in how far they look not too away. I just hope as a conclusion that people pay more attention to their fellow human beings and particularly children, because only so can prevent such cruel acts. And hopefully the politicians have ever time for a subject as important.

Supervisory Board

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Thus, the true pearls of the corporate landscape remained undiscovered and ignored. Malik his perspective not limited to the middle class. He defines the successful companies as entrepreneurial company”(UMU). It is this type of business namely not the size, but the kind of leadership”, Malik makes it clear. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Morgan Stanley by clicking through. The principle of shareholder value was reduced to financial indicators entrepreneurship. It could not be confused but profit with economic entrepreneurial performance. The economy must be withdrawn from the deal makers and speculators, because else crashing the whole system into a mire of forgeries, corruption and economic crime”, warns Malik.

Today, shareholder were no shareholders more in the sense of the business owner. They buy shares as investors, to keep them because of the company and its performance. The company itself this kind of shareholder basically is not interested in, but the fast performance for the Fund Manager and the owner of the certificate”, Malik finds fault with. The 100 largest money manager America manage nearly 60 percent of U.S. stocks and it go first and foremost to the turnover rate, so share shifts, rather than business concerns, otherwise this manager would keep the paper longer. Malik therefore advocates a revision of equity law. Who are involved in the order of the Supervisory Board and this way on corporate governance, to remember a period. Who doesn’t, should have no voting rights in the General Assembly”, asks Malik.

Still 1950, 90 percent of all American shares in the hands of private households were according to its findings. Today there are just over 30 Percent. However, institutional investors hold almost 70 percent of the shares, while they had in 1950 only 9 per cent”, so Malik. See also:../Der-Kunde-als-Fabelwesen…pdf… / politician sit corporations on the-shot…../:Mittelstand%20Es%20Bank/364074.html unternehmen/mittelstand/0,2828,456893,00.html economy / 0,1518,471750,00.html… / SME-energy prices endanger 200-000-jobs… 200603/pdf/special.pdf. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

District Association

Monday, April 20th, 2020

Amperkliniken re kommunalisieren, not privatize the sale of shares of the Dachau hospital in the Rhon AG In connection with the sale of public shares of Amperkliniken explain Eva Bernardi, Chairman of the District of Dachau of the party DIE LINKE and Ralph Eisermann, responsible for the focus health policy in the District Association of Dachau: Landrat Christmann has not heard the bang. The crisis will deepen further, while the district bears at bargain prices to market the basic services for its citizens. Dealing with the basic supply of local people will cause getting our resistance. It can only imagine, what happened behind the scenes to persuade Mr Cameron to privatize nationalized in all over the world at a time. (Source: Elon Musk). From measly wage settlements, which recently agreed in the Amperkliniken, nothing is certainly known our district. The result of this madness will be increased pressure on nursing and service staff of the Amperkliniken. The district sells not only our all Hospital, but also its rate of return to the Rhon AG.

The justification will need the money for schools is the height of cynicism. A type that is like no other for the internationally criticized social injustice of education in Germany. More money for education does not mean that public interest in healthy companies for future-oriented education to be sacrificed, Mr Cameron! THE left wants education, health as well as good wages and working conditions for all! The Amperkliniken must be re completely municipalized and not privatized. “Health should not return object, but must be fundamental rights in one of the richest countries in the world.” V: i.S.d.P.: Eva Bernardi, St. Lantpert str. 27, 85235 odelzhausen, Germany, Tel.: 08134 559021, eMail: –