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Google News

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

For many years we all agree that an institutional site is a basic need. Just as any business needs an address, internet and telephone to work, any business, however modest, needs an institutional site. However, in this field of web design where there have been dramatic changes when comparing the current state of the Internet with what it does, say, five years. Since there are practically no more such sites with simple home more “about us”, “contact us” and, at best, “our products.” The sites have changed, and not only by technological developments at programming, but also in response to a need, ie optimization of the site, to their promotion and improvement of their natural positions in search engines. On the one hand, are much more interactive. But this change does not occur in response to a fad, or because suddenly, all those responsible for sites have been determined to listen to their customers. Customers and the general public, can be heard by themselves, so any company will want to have some control over what is said about them, even if minimally. For that is, for example, the company’s blog.

The company blog is the official site automatically where you go when seeking information about a company, to know what they think in general: the life, of its competitors, market, and any criticism to be made. Very few companies can be compared to Google, for example, but what the news magnate on Google News, through his blog, was released in all major newspapers in the world. The sites, therefore, are much more interactive, more personal, more open to the community. There is room on the pages for readers to leave comments, or to “twit” as they like, or stored in your favorite bookmarks and share it with the community. And most importantly, makers actually read the responses of visitors. Imagine that a customer contact. It turns out a company in another country, rather important in local market, but not well known where you are. What is the first thing? Search the site, surely. If you have blog, will read, and most likely read the blog before the section “Our mission and vision,” or something similar. Then, check out social media to see what others have to say the, until then unknown company. Do not you think that when you contact someone, do not do the same?