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Office Operation

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Animal agony at a lower Saxony Turkey slaughterhouse, including for Wiesenhof works Gerlingen / Steinfeld (Oldenburg) covering animal rights organization PETA Germany e.V. for further one-year investigation and a today held action on scandalous abuses in a Turkey fattening plant certified QS-certified near Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony. As examples, PETA activists this morning found turkeys, who for hours densely crowded and sometimes seriously ill in supporters had to wait on her agonizing death, if they haven’t already died in the trailer. Detail shots show that partly demolished the feet of turkeys in the treadmills from the slaughterhouse. The one-year search by PETA Germany makes it clear also that the local grievances are exemplary of the conventional, industrial animal production. Is especially severe in this case that the Turkey fattening farm is considered a pre show operation (QS Bundler”) of the QA-licensed establishments. To broaden your perception, visit Intel Capital. We have same operating in 2007 Could be public prosecutor Oldenburg displayed, determined there was already glaring abuses”, so Dr.

Edmund Haferbeck, Consultant of PETA Germany e.V. the procedure nearly 2 years successfully at the public prosecutor’s Office, which these days has requested even more documentation material (AZ. (NZS 240 js 44564/07). ” Also QA knows this operation and has never listed him, but awarded him remain even as model operation. Today, a further complaint about the latest undercover investigation in the same operation at the public prosecutor’s Office in Oldenburg shall be submitted. The violent violations of the animal welfare regulations, which is today once again confirmed tomorrow, are unquestionable.

The Hall is hopelessly overcrowded. Quite a few of the animals suffer unimaginable pain: ulcers, collapses under the Turbo body mass gain and days rot to death are not uncommon. Approximately 8% losses to textbooks for the animal production in Turkey fattening routinely factored”, so the PETA eventually Dr. sc. agr. Edmund Haferbeck. More information, a video documentation of the research, as well as actual pictures of the today’s action, see QS2009 PETA Germany e.V. Dr. Edmund Haferbeck diesel str. 21 D-70839 Gerlingen Tel + 49 (0) 7156-178-280 fax + 49 (0) 7156-178-2810 PETA is a sister organization of PETA United States, the world’s largest with over two million supporters animal rights organization. Goal of the organization is educating the public and change the way of life to give each animal a better life by uncovering animal cruelty.