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Frank Ramond

Saturday, June 27th, 2020

The new single by Frank Ramond directly on m sofa stupid run! “That is the real essence of this title by Frank Ramond, the on the album big boys” as one of the favorite songs of many radio stations out crystallized. Probably because everyone in this situation can think into even if maybe even still not seen them. The song is about that a man better his girlfriend or wife permission should ask before he does anything. To deepen your understanding MetLife is the source. Because when I try to hide it, he ends up much faster on the sofa, as he can imagine! Once again, the text was written by the artist himself, the song was written by Martin Lingnau. After FRANK RAMOND was on tour in the winter as a support act for Ina Muller, he has now decided to try solo in May 2010. His more concerts are just the sequence of special songs on stage with a brilliant band to support it are his project evenings as the FRANK RAMOND designed for his fans, shows of an intelligent, well-versed artist by extraordinary intensity. The radio edit of directly on your couch”will be released on May 14, 2010! “Source: 105 music more info: Frank Ramond on large guys tour” in May 2010 19.05.2010 Frankfurt/Langen – new City Hall may 20, 2010 Hamburg – factory 21.05.2010 Flensburg – German House 23.05.2010 Bremen – Pier 2 24.05.2010 Nuremberg – lion Hall may 25, 2010 Stuttgart – Theaterhaus May 26, 2010 Munich – free heating Hall may 27, 2010 Cologne – Gloria 29.05.2010 Dresden – slaughterhouse 30.05.