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Air Safety Training Program Of The Logistic People Academy

Sunday, April 24th, 2022

Extended program successfully ran the cooperation with DEKRA Aviation makes it possible to make logistic people academy, the education and training programme in the field of air safety even more flexible and customer-oriented. On the site of Frankfurt Morfelden held trainings in all aspects of air safety. The range goods, cargo and personnel from training to the air safety Assistant about air safety control forces to all legally prescribed training. In the air safety training centre in close proximity to Frankfurt airport, emphasis is placed especially on practical training professional alike. In this complex are several X-ray machines of from different manufacturers (Smith-Heimann and RapiScan) and an X-ray tutor training software used for training purposes. A cargo inspection system by Smith-Heimann is available in the attached training camp.

At other locations, the new training is offered nationwide. In cooperation with employment agencies in all over Germany, the logistic people offers academy a preparation course for the examination to the air safety control force on goods, cargo and personnel. The participants will prepare for the requisite inspections in three months and mediated in a free, one-month internship with the future employer. For entrepreneurs, it is thus easier to find suitable staff who have extensive, practical knowledge in the field of air safety. It is also possible, existing staff schools to leave and to meet new security standards: all courses can be offered as inhouse training.

Reddy Kadiri

Friday, December 10th, 2021

Difficult position and worse conditions are difficult. The market for securitised mezzanine capital of German medium-sized companies, which had a three-year boom of the first programs in 2004, and the subprime crisis in 2007 and it totalled placed over 6 billion, occupies a crisis for a year. The subprime crisis had investors unsettled world, that ABS structures representing SME mezzanine, the investors no longer place were”, says Reddy Kadiri. Even if the investor market have sufficiently recovered the financing cost of mezzanine programmes for the companies involved are similar to which of the other mezzanine market. Interest rates for businesses last 6.3% belong here Past”. Companies continue to badly needed equity capital with success even on individual mezzanine while the companies that must participate in mezzanine programmes, waiting for the recovery of the securitisation market, obtain other medium-sized companies. Because even though many investors in ABS structured products currently not think most investors are still looking for attractive assets. To which undoubtedly also mezzanine capital for German SMEs.

As a mezzanine investors institutional investors such as commercial subsidiaries, the support-oriented medium-sized holding companies and individual mezzanine programmes of banks and savings banks considering come. But also a mezzanine equity emission, of the medium-sized company to a supplier of own investment product “that represents a real alternative. The contractor gives you even the access to the capital market. Target group of an equity issue are predominantly in addition to the business circles (E.g. employees) Private investors, as well as asset management. The business-side requirements: initiative and a professional placement strategy.

In this way, for example, the company ECO Schulte from Menden and even the 1 FC Cologne have financed in addition to the Emsdettener Haustechnik company TECE successfully. Just like when individual mezzanine financing of an institutional investor remuneration, maturity and capital service structure be in a mezzanine equity emission individually to the economic needs and strategic direction of the company, as well as the investors adjust”, Reddy Kadiri explains the advantages of individual mezzanine financing. The attempts of the mezzanine provider in the summer will show, whether the market for mezzanine securitisation has really recovered. Independent company of institutional and private investors of mezzanine capital can opens permanently a new source of funding. Posted by: Dr. Matthias Gadre


Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Also this binding can be considered quite stylish. Available this binding in the colors is black white and silver. Spiral-bound plastic by far the least used binding. The binding can – not completely be pitched depending on size -. But is this plastic effect binding to get very cheap, but also not very high quality. Paper: Print your always the 120 g / m uses m ColorCopy by Mondi business paper. Thus the work is very high quality. The feel of the paper is smooth and matt, great to read also in difficult light conditions.

Also it is according to DIN ISO 9706 standard indefinitely resistant to ageing. Learn more about this with Puma. Shipping: each thesis is generally at the latest after 3 working days at the customer. For very urgent, there is the express service. Hereby, the ordered thesis can be delivered the next day before 12:00 or true way even before 10:00. Order: The complete order process is handled online via a price calculator. In addition to the five There are also CD covers, printed CD labels and triangle bags various bindings. Furthermore can be ordered 2 different binding types at once, E.g.

2 x hardcover and 2 x Softcover. Service & advice: Will of course advise by phone or on-site. It is however advisable to arrange a personal appointment by telephone so that the corresponding contact person at the workplace is. Questions & answers: On the Web page, a detailed FAQ faces the user. It is constantly expanding. In addition, it is helpful to write an email, just a question or to pick up the telephone and consult. Prices: Hardcover binding Softcover binding perfect binding with leather structure spiral binding metal spiral binding plastic 19,80 EUR 11.90 EUR 6,00 EUR 1.90 EUR 2,80 EUR contact data: print your is a range of deer GmbH…Print media. Deer GmbH…

Supervisor – I Ever Of Heard!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Do you need a data protection supervisor? Many business leaders and responsible people experience this. Standing in the middle of a certification and the point is privacy on the series. “I would like to speak with your supervisor!”. This movement raises then usually baffled civilian faces. “Data protection supervisor? -We need the? “.” Whether you need a data protection officer how many employees collect personal data, use and/or process depends of course strongly, there are more than 9 you’ll need one. Should you ordered no data protection supervisor have, although you would need to, this can be covered fine up to 50,000 euro. But getting back to the actual topic. Most companies are not yet really on the subject of data protection, this always applies again just the SME’s. You may want to visit Morgan Stanley to increase your knowledge.

Here it is not so that you no data protection supervisor wants to order, but once you know nothing of it. At some point you will be confronted with this and the question is who can this post most occupy. You should not dump now as it is often the case, everything on the head of IT, because after all has the idea, and anyway, who knows all the systems in and out. You’re probably right, but unfortunately this may be no supervisor at you, by law. Now you are looking for someone who has the technical expertise, he must have IT expertise and dominate the BDSG as well as other laws. And if you are looking for then, one quickly realises that one actually has no one except you would make out someone. During a search on the Internet then one reads that you can also outsource the data protection and therefore looking for an external data protection officer, but is that any advantage? A very heavy task would be to weigh all pros and cons, you can try but just the whole thing.

Actually only the expert knowledge in the company is the advantages of an internal data protection officer i.e. usually the processes he knows already, but a disadvantage – keyword is even in this advantage: Operating blindness. An external data protection officer will be at the beginning one is take shot to determine the data protection standards in your company, this also all processes are recorded, the personal information collect and process or use. The biggest advantage is the experience of bringing an external supervisor to here, of course, he is confronted daily with the BDSG. More benefits for an external data protection officer here once in bullet points no dismissal experience trained liability lies with the external provider! Experience experience as you have perhaps noticed repeated a statement above. Because this is crucial, an internal data protection officer, who recently took over this task will require much of the time, in the worst case procedures be made unsure right according to BDSG etc. At the end decides the price! An external data protection officer is usually no more expensive as an internal if you considered working time, materials, and training courses. The experience is priceless, therefore it is always advisable to get a quote from an external supervisor.

Security Office

Monday, June 15th, 2020

The SD safety security service provides fields of activity prior to fields of activity for security services in Karlsruhe on the example of SD-safety SD security Karlsruhe’s security services is a service provider for private customers, companies and Government agencies. The company from Karlsruhe worked for many years for a variety of customer groups, even under the most severe conditions. Through many years of experience and close cooperation with authorities from Karlsruhe, services and protection is guaranteed at the best level. Get all the facts and insights with Danske Bank, another great source of information. A wide and just as tight-knit network of partners but also permits a nationwide use. Object protection requires object of the security service of SD safety of Karlsrueh for protection of objects against vandalism, sabotage and other criminals. Thus, the full (be) usability and operability of the object is retained. This is achieved through best tires and observation by experienced personnel.

Inlet checks and if necessary, by searches of people who want the object betreteten on unwanted items. Also, the security service from Karlsruhe offers city patrol city Strip. City Strip are often used in the context of a public private partnership (PPP-model). Shopping malls and shopping arcades form the focus for City strip however. So local businesses from Karlsruhe can protect themselves effectively, and at a very low cost.

The city patrol is a difficult situation should happen within the shortest time for the customers directly on site. In addition will be deterred by the presence on the crime. City stripes offer to “share the ability of guards”, and yet to build on effective protection. Station service / patrol for Karlsruhe provides SD security a station service. Here, protection areas are entered in a previously defined schedule of safety person of the security service SD security Karlsruhe and controlled. A service station or a patrol service mostly effective risk prevention. In the case of irregularities or difficulties, responds accordingly, and eingegeriffen.

Hamburg Office

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Success finally had professional office planning to price your looking for a new Office and now you want to customize the new rooms according to your needs or you want to increase the efficiency of your current office space? Then you should read about the Hamburg Office team. The Office team Hamburg is, started with the planning, project management and the coordination of the necessary measures, through timely equipment with help and advice. The necessary craft and services come at this general contractor from a single source, is also a point of contact available for all questions. Only plan, then hire”a motto on the Internet page of the Hamburg Office team. Because only thus surprises can prevent and you have not the knowledge that the new office space is larger, but it is hardly more work offers. An early planning with the help of the Office team in Hamburg gives you the ability to almost all aspects of a good organizational structure into account, the results of the execution are already taken into account. Your benefits and the results of a professional office planning with the Office team Hamburg can be following: help deciding which Office space you should rent the space for new buildings improve space efficiency can be more efficient workflows increase timely representation of outward and inward improvement of motivation, satisfaction and identification of the employees is the goal and also the solution for the products and services of the Office team Hamburg: More efficiency by better working conditions”. .

New Recommendation Forum

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Innovative network marketing concept comes without the usual downsides from Aachen. Robin Ermen, operator of the successful MLM news, online information portal in the network marketing has more experience together collected as the most other NetWorker. MetLife is open to suggestions. Nothing more about the rail flush him so quickly. But exactly what happened to me when I watched the new recommendation Forum on the tip of a caller to, admits the MLM professional. So what had even I old-timer never seen. I was enthralled by this concept! In fact looking at in vain after the usual MLM downsides.

The da hot: recommendation employer must first buy a product before they can recommend it. Bite into the sour Apple has nobody at the recommendation of Forum. Free test winner-quality and just the sweetness total charge also Robin Ermen quickly on the taste got: free winner quality, really, any adult may need is that from my point of view the unique products, faced the judgment of the user in the Forum of the recommendation. Consequently, first offer, which was looking for referral authorities in the Forum is a free checking account. A bargain, that even its paid competitors look pale leave due to his packed bundle of attractive extras. In the face of this appealing advantages it gave, so the Aachen MLM professional euphoric, no stopping more for Robin Ermen: I am I right with all your vigor and increased conviction. I have free registered, tested the account through its paces, and then enthusiastically recommend it. Since he was only; certainly not he the general euphoria surrounding the recommendation Forum was and is unbroken and downright contagious. The statistics speak a clear language; the clear advantages of the recommendation Forum and of the presented products have triggered a veritable referral chain reaction.

District Success

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Modern and sustainable real estate management with consultware FM only three months implemented consultware FM in the District of Oldenburg, the first start meeting the CAFM system to active use. The restriction on first few information in combination with a targeted observation of processes and data structures as well as a continuous accompaniment, were the key for the successful implementation and successful operation in the time. The CAD drawings represent an important basis for the success of the launch. The graphical processing of information is one of the essential features of the chosen software consultware FM. In advance, it was therefore already clarified that layer structures were available and clearly defined.

The key to the success of the project but rather was the so-called introduction consulting. With the concerned departments of the district were all key issues illuminates, as well as a list of priorities and a timetable set up to boot. Two central contact persons were named, which accompany this process of both the construction management pages and pages of building maintenance. At this point we would like to thank you for your confidence. We look forward to further good cooperation. For more information you can contact Mr. O. th. buck or Mrs M. Green of the Pietschconsult GmbH in Lubeck.

Sebastian Schieke

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

However, the really expensive part of a SEPA project lies in the direct debit. Here, a “SEPA mandate” is necessary. The conversion of the existing direct debits in SEPA mandates is in principle possible. It is however required that a valid address and a present in the form of paper, signed debit authorization exist for each account holder. Still, a mandate reference must be assigned to each customer. “The experience from our SEPA conversion projects show that most companies do not completely have grappled in advance with the subject of SEPA”, emphasizes Sebastian Schieke by the consultancy SCITUS GmbH. SCITUS change accompanied with his team of SEPA experts in 2013 more medium-sized companies in the SEPA. Depending on the effort, implementing the solution can take already six months or more.

A lot of it is for the Change the organizational processes needed. This is many still unaware. Also companies in the course of migration is the perfect chance to optimize business processes and system landscapes at the same time”. “Many displace the topic yet, but the countdown for 2014 is unstoppable. The trail leads to a successful transition but in any case a clear concept and a well-run project. We are here always to the side.” Learn more about the SEPA changeover 2014 are available at.

SCITUS SCITUS GmbH was founded in 2000 and is divided into the business units SCITUS integrated projects and SCITUS Treasury expertise. From its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and its Office in Amsterdam from she advises companies on organizational development associated with IT projects. The range of services is based on a holistic concept. In the foreground for all consulting and services are customised and practical solutions. From a variety of Methods and techniques that provide business consultants, as well as the professional and technical consultants of the application the appropriate instruments individually together. Press contact: SCITUS GmbH Anja Honka T: + 49. 69 17 39 23 09 F: + 49. 69 17 39 23 29 email:

Harvard Business Review

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

With emotional, social and professional competence. Acquiring new customers is an ongoing issue as the customer loyalty for virtually every company. Just the new customer acquisition is an ongoing issue rightly, because it is the basis for the successful development of a company. In the Harvard Business Review, an analysis was discussed, losing every company in an average of 15 – 30% of its customers! The question is of course why – as an existing customer is easier to keep so much to acquire a new. When the new customer acquisition, there are two essential considerations: the rate of new customer acquisition must be obviously greater than the rate of customer loss, customer loyalty – and the life cycle of the customer with the appropriate customer value. On the one hand, the loyalty of customers with simultaneous increase in the claims goes down in many cases. Also through the Internet, markets are more transparent.

The Internet already accompanied every buying decision for more than 80%. The information of the customer is much better! What are my options to deal with these new challenges in the sale? A point is the seller with high social, emotional as well as the expertise – seller willing to evolve constantly both professionally and personally. These are essential factors for the success coupled with good closing skills. Why is it so hard to overcome the inner pig dog and to acquire new customers for many? In addition to the time required for new customers to win it is necessary to obtain a wealth of information as the right contact, corporate culture and much more. How do I go to on a new contact? He will reject me as annoying, say “No”? The most common cause of this uncertainty is to fail the fear or to be rejected and that fear paralyzes simultaneously is already well known. How are now acting top seller? They have fun to discover new and they love the feeling of success.

We know this inner energy from us as a child – and this energy has also motivated sellers. You know the feeling of the Success, if they win a new customer.