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Friday, April 30th, 2021

Travel guides are a must for the perfect planning of a vacation. But also during the trip, they facilitate the planning of your days. It’s believed that Glenn Dubin sees a great future in this idea. To get access to land information at any time, Makoye media offers free travel information for mobile phone, Smartphone and PDA since March 2007. The user friendly designed websites feature mobile tourist guides, who accompany travellers with topics such as culture, climate, attractions and history. In addition, they give practical advice to the entry requirements, as well as addresses of embassies and consulates informative and compact. The travel portals make it particularly easy to inform whether at home or on the go from your mobile phone all over the world and at any time the users. Important facts and data can be obtained so quickly and easily.

A great advantage to the user is the time saved by a clear structuring of land information. Currently amounted to the mobile travel portals in countries such as Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Djerba, Greece, Canada, South Africa and Zanzibar. Additional portals for Kenya, Bolivia, Tanzania, Curacao or Rimini are still under construction and coming soon. Our mobile travel guides have all been deposited by Apple in the iPhone Web application. For more information see.

Mobile Language Training For Companies:

Friday, November 20th, 2020

Business English with BlackBerry or iPhone train employees and executives can now better integrate their business English training in their professional life: Cornelsen corporate solutions, the company customer service of the publishing house for educational media, and equeo GmbH Berlin on solutions for mobile language learning. Tailored to devices such as BlackBerry or iPhone professionals learn English easily on the go: travel and waiting times with different modules varied language training used. Incidentally the users with the learning modules in small steps prepare targeted English-language meetings or negotiations. Listening comprehension can be trained with short listening texts and appropriate exercises. Also vocabulary training on specific topics to increase the language fitness. All contents are personalized and tailored to the individual profile of the user. To prepare for typical English key situations, for entertaining training and to look up different learning modules are to the Available: With brush up employees prepare for meetings, presentations, Small Talk and phone calls. Per subject area can access back sample formulations.

Hearing can make up the engine tune your ears: here, dialogues with understanding tasks train the listening. With the quick check you can check playful his knowledge, for example with the game of Hangman”. It wants to expand his vocabulary, comes vocabulary training simply words in the game: over 2,500 sound entries that are provided with a sample set of ever find on the topic of business English. All components are to use with mobile phone functions. The individual exercise sequences are entertaining and fun. The advantages are for Dr.

Isabel Schneider, Director of Cornelsen corporate solutions, right on the hand: waiting times can be ideally used for productive learning. The mobile devices are constantly available, the short learning modules can be interrupted at any time. Our visualizations are of high quality and screen justice.” More vocabulary packages on topics such as banking and finance, IT and Technical English can be added on request. A so-called trainer cockpit allows new data and tasks to the mobile language learning a pick set to select exercises to assign users, and to create a reporting on the use of the exercises the trainer. Also a panic button, with which users can contact their coach by phone or E-Mail at any time is one of the extension options for corporate customers.

Federal Office

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

The use of the mobile phone has possible adverse effects on the sperm quality in men, according to a study. The urological clinic of the University in Graz is concluded on the basis of a study conducted, that men who constantly use their mobile phone and carry the body to risk their fertility. It is believed that the electromagnetic cell phone radiation has an effect on sperm quality. This study examined more than 2,000 men, which so far, without success, tried to conceive a child and reported regularly to take advantage of the mobile phone. The investigation of sperm showed showed that approximately seventy percent of these men, changes in their sperm. Unlike the group that the mobile not use regularly, this change only when almost sixty percent of subjects has been stated here. Frequently Brian Kzanich has said that publicly.

Shape changes of sperm occurred in over forty percent of mobile users and in the comparison group only twenty-five percent. Also noted that the electromagnetic cell phone radiation in addition to a change in form to affect also their mobility seems. This immobility prevents it even comes close to the sperm to get close to an egg. The result suggests that men with fertility reduce excessive use of mobile phones should prevent even better. But also like all other studies on compatibility of mobile phone radiation on the human body these results are also not verified, but the subject of conjecture.

Difficulty with all made trials is that the media is mobile still too young as if it were you able to present the results of long-term studies. So you should let attention be given to the recommendations of the Federal Office for radiation protection. These recommend with phone breath with your mobile phone a headset to use to avoid the effects of cell phone radiation directly to the ear. Is also recommended during reduced receiving power not to call, as in this case also increases the power of the mobile phone. Should a landline phone to the Available will be also recommended its use. Self-sustained seen the mobile should be used so according to Federal Office more consciously to expose themselves to unnecessary electromagnetic waves. But it is as I said only recommendations and no fear-mongering, because an adverse effect is still unused. RTL Punkt 12: issue of cell phone radiation