Tagus River

Nevertheless not let me scare. I thought, if I just break, I already fix with glue then but today I run and pass. So I ran and spent! First phase, testing physical mission accomplished! Now came how easy. Examination type test of the chosen profession. Me I browsed masonry (knew enough level pawn by having spent some seasons doing such, by issue of pasta). Peeeeero when I saw the review with the twenty questions with four possible answers, I saw that he did not know any! -Aaaaaaaaaah, this cannot be! Took the questions of architectural books, it was a meltdown among Masons.

Everyone gave me soups with wave in terms of practical knowledge, because it was his profession, but clear a bricklayer does not study books to be, learn the craft in the Tagus River, this was an ambush! Good! I went back to calm me and I said to myself, it is clear that by pure chance some could hit so I started to be used, the etymology, the deduction, the reductio ad absurdum and any other trick of that nature to answer them all (not detracted failures nor the without) (response, was another era). He knew that he could have succeeded, but it was a rare feeling, leaving a review without having any certainty of what you have done, knowing that in the worst case you can have successful some, although you do not valieran to approve, and at best get even note. In any case he had to take a five to pass and move and each of twenty was counted as point. Zumbao I went home and I threw in iron on encyclopedias and dictionaries had (of course, not there Internet), to see that con. He had done in the examination.He had successful ten – Fiiiiiiiuuuuuuuu! -Got five! I had four bad, and the rest I couldn’t find anything, so you could skip anything, but my goal was achieved, which was the main thing.

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