Central Massachusetts

The picture above was published in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on November 18, 1995. Kyrie is the girl who embraces his sister Brielle and this is his story. The two Jackson twins were born on October 17, 1995 at the medical center of Central Massachusetts, twelve weeks before the expected date of childbirth. They took care of them in two separate incubators. Kyrie, which weighed at birth a kilo and a half evolved favorably, sleeping, gaining a bit of weight and keeping all your constants in good condition. Not so his sister Brielle. At birth he weighed only a kilo, and soon were observed cardiac and respiratory problems.

His blood oxygen level was poor and his weight was still alarmingly low after four weeks of life. On 12 November his condition became critical, severe shortness of breath, bluish, hiccups, and a very fast heartbeat. The nurse who took care of her attempted by all means help small, but without success. As a desperate measure, and against the protocols at the hospital, asked permission to the parents to put the girl with her sister. They immediately went to Brielle to the incubator of Kyrie, which was separated at birth. As soon the girl was inside began to calm. In a few minutes, ball next to his sister, his blood oxygen levels improved ostensibly.

Kyrie then passed his arm over his sister until he slept. Soon the girls were well and went home, where they shared their first cot. It has rained enough since then. Books and more books are published with studios above love, feelings, words, emotions, intention, and ultimately have an effect that is not only subjective but physical and measurable. These tests, do many lack because we are guided by what they tell us the heart and intuition. Personally, I’m of which need not know how works an apparatus as long as I plug it and I benefit from its use.

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