Metaphysical Sciences

In the field of Metaphysical Sciences, discusses with great insistence a change of imminent consciousness, exactly for 2012. Year in which the Mayans were curiously left without calendar and more pessimistic people are talking about the end of the world. The curious thing about all this, is the amount of people which coincides in this event and the diversity of specialties covered by these same people; Hindus, Buddhists, and other spiritual people does not seem so preposterous to speak of this topic. But indigenous peoples in remote places, and scientists from several areas such as physical or medical, make me think that it is not an invention of a few and so far makes me think. The change they preach is energetic, currently see are many climatic variations product of many factors which, it seems, they are changing all the known energy rolls.

The biggest change and dramatic will be produced on December 21 2012, then a magnetic field to change the fate of our planet. Not to speak of the end of the world, but a transformation. The human being is also governed by power, our mind to be the instrument of more importance in our lives. Vibrational waves emitted by our conscious and unconscious will be reached by this Ray generating an elevation in the vibrational range which will produce us this change of consciousness. Let the materialism and we will be more spiritual, more egalitarian with all, more connected with nature.

It sounds hopeful in this world that seems already not giving more. Who knows? And ultimately one mistrusts what do not know know about us from the nature of the energy? If everything is a permanent evolution why can not evolve the world in this direction? If ultimately the physical forces keep us in motion. Once heard in a sentence that said that a change of species than a change of consciousness is more feasible, but maybe I came while the consciousness also evolves and it seems that we play we witness it. Original author and source of the article.

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