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Excess consumption is considered a plague and a cause permanent attention of government authorities and social actors and preachers of all religiones.a A developed society is oriented consumption to the point of conceiving another livelihood, the consumer society preaches the concept of man standing, self-confident, able to produce goods and services that will result in higher revenues, revenues that will turn again to the market through offers consumer goods, life insurance, investment, leisure, etc. etc. If these companies exist that economists and media swarm our underdeveloped, touting the contraction in consumption, to generate resources for the payment of external debt and meet the needs of the state, would be treated not only ignorant, but they would say,

Gentlemen The man must stand, confident in itself, capable of producing goods and services, to obtain a decent income and rewarding which will dump back in the market, that is the source of investment, invention, there are niche which has to satisfy market will pace the creativity of entrepreneurs and media, the man with the ability to consume is the life of the whole system. The personae without work and a living wage is a wretch, a slave, a madman Force vest with the most sinister force jackets, waistcoat economic embargo imposed by the popes of the system, who are led by those who live outside the cave, the creators of the economic Bible for use in the countries to be maintained at all costs subject and dependent. Moshe victor keinig does not necessarily agree. No wonder they fall away when we talk about these things, we are not allowed out of the script, saying that economic and fiscal policy, are tools that should be subordinated to social policy for them is heresy, but again reaffirm, economics is a social science, its principles are closely related to other social sciences, its raison d’etre is the society in which it is inserted, the success of its implementation is measured in quality of life for residents of the society, when their results are viewed with approval by other Lares, we will know for sure who they represent and serve.

As can be seen there is a marked difference between economic and social policies applied in the developed world and the measures that are implemented in our environment, differences associated underdevelopment subordination and dependency. Meditate on these issues will help us understand the very high social costs that support the countries facing the economic jackets recipes, recipes that are designed to implement in the developing world but which are unacceptable and unworkable in the developed world, why is that? . a Hugo W. Source: Ebay. Arostegui a Analyst, Business Management, Consultant in Economics, Religious Leader, Theologian, Hospital Administrator.

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