Intimacy After A Baby

With the arrival of the couple undergoes many changes: Beginning lactation, women should stop their lives to focus on nursing, which must perform every three hours, then must change diapers, bathe the baby, wash clothes your child, take care of your dream in order. Now this is a stage in which man feels lost, confused, not know what to do and sometimes feel useless in this environment, it goes from being a the friend and Amantea to be a the father . Added to this, the new living situation makes the marriage experience difficulties in their relationship, since after the children, nothing stays the same. It is an ordeal in which they live feelings of jealousy, exhaustion, different styles of parenting and, among other topics, the invasion of privacy. It is at this point that the union is broken and the couple, resulting in the loss of sexual activity. For all the above factors do not become a kind of machinery wear in the privacy of partners, we list some points that have been used and recommended by couples who managed to keep their privacy after the birth of children: a before preparing for the conception of a child, it is important to have a realistic view of that for some years invariably reduced intimacy and romance, but both will be restored as the children get older. a Enjoy every stage that maternity and paternity offered to provide security to the individuality of their children. a If couples were joined from the beginning, you may find it easier to focus on children, learning teamwork. a Despite everything that involves the care of children in the early years, there are always moments of intimacy, not forced. Those moments should be exploited to full effect, so that they are quality time and do not be surprised the number of encounters. In order not to break the bonds of marital union is of vital importance that mother or father does not focus one hundred percent of their time raising children, do not forget that family life is enriched by several experiences: partner, work, children, friends, personal development, spiritual growth, in Finally, many experiences that make our life full and healthy.

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