Traffic Accidents Car Trips

There are certain professions and jobs in which many of the functions of the employees who occupy happen in many cases by the completion of road travel, and must pass, thus a high number of hours behind the wheel, often having to travel circulatory inland with bad or adverse weather conditions. All of these professionals: transport, trade or bus drivers, among others, are exposed to terrible risk of traffic accidents, precisely because they remain exposed to the same for as long as other people. If it happened an event of this nature, and in what context the injured worker could claim his own company for injuries? That is the question we will answer in this article. The origin of traffic accidents Although the human factor (factor or driver) is located at a distance as the main cause of traffic accidents, can not forget that they can have other possible origins. A poor weather and faulty design or condition of the road as previously mentioned we must add the possible poor technical condition of some of the vehicles involved in the accident (this is the so-called a factor vehiculoa ). All factors are less frequent, but when they could put the circulatory road users in serious danger. And when we could speak of the employer’s responsibility? Any employer who makes available to its employees vehicles so that they perform the activities of the post, you must make sure they are the subject of an adequate system of inspections and maintenance. Source: moshe victor keinig.

Otherwise, especially taking into account the high degree of use to which they are often subjected, could fail in the worst possible times, leaving the worker in a position of extreme vulnerability. It is in this kind of event when in an accident in traffic consequences of injury or damage to those involved, could be attributed to the same responsibility that employer. And is that, objectively, could be the source of the faulty maintenance on the vehicles used. Arguably, the causes that led to his succession could be found in the defective risk prevention policy at the firm. And is that every employer is required to put in the hands of its workers with the appropriate means to enable them to perform their duties safely. Where this is not fulfilled and as a result they suffer serious damage, arises in its favor a law to compensation for such injuries. In this way, if you had an accident of this nature, do not let it pass and claim financial compensation you deserve.

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