The Fence

Days, months and years had been transferred, and you it grew. It pulls, as you grew! It started to ask for loaned my shirts, my stockings, my shoes, as many things! I loved that wonderful mixture. I had a fast surprise, when you gave a kiss to me of good night and you felt something piercing my face. It was arremedo of beard. I treated to buy a shaver for you immediately. of the best ones, remembers? Now, you pass the entire day far, taking care of of its a thousand interests, the ortalezas of the age, of its personality, its appropriation of the universe that the fence, and I am with cimes of everything. Yes, it seems that we are separate now for a great abyss. I know that love you me very, and you also know I love that it.

But our ways, interests, directions, aspirations and colloquies seem not to cross more. We live underneath of the same ceiling, we share familiar, cultured feeding, programs and strolls, but we are different. When we can talk, of time in when, I feel myself more important of what one ‘ ‘ sheik’ ‘ I only can say that I am a happy father. in these hours arched my head and I make a conjunct the God for all the parents whose children already had been themselves, had abandoned the home forever, never they had known the love sacrossanto of God, live sad, involved existences with all the aggressions of the life and the society. Yes, my son, you walk half arredio, half distant, but I have that to recognize that you are more than it of what mine. It continues its way and it more delivers it to each time the Mr. While this, I am in the embroidery frames, happyest of the parents, twisting for you, and saying: – It goes in front, son!

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