Sector of the renting in Spain is currently facing numerous challenges due to the spectacular growth that has suffered these recent years. One of the most important advantages of the renting of automobiles and the main reason for his success has been the client only will be affected by estimated depreciation that the vehicle will undergo during the renting contract. Assumes the risk of such residual value and offers some really attractive monthly fees for the client. However the enormous drop in prices of new cars and second hand cars especially has caused great losses to those companies that were more aggressive in their assessments and the estimated residual values. The companies in the sector are with the dilemma of working with high residual values that increase the risk or conservative political conduct that could cause a situation where you have to be more selective in defining objectives clients.

The choice of the business models in the coming months will be key in part due to the change in the legislation that will occur in the market of renting cars. Also have to take into account that the leasing business has opened the doors to a lot of companies such as logistics companies, fleets, insurance, workshops or dealers that control its around have come to flourish. These companies are intended to reduce the number of intermediaries, that is why leasing companies are seeing reduced its role in the sector. However if the right leasing strategies are carried out looking for differentiation in the fleet of vehicles, the correct selection of objective customer and looking for the necessary differences with respect to competition can be achieved face the future with great prospects. Original author and source of the article

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