Marx Model

The so-called de el Senor Presidente Hugo Chavez to build the socialism of the 21st century, implies the urgent and imperative need to formalize an own and autochthonous theoretical model of socialism that is consistent with our historical, social, cultural and political context. We must admit that this theoretical model until now, neither exists nor has been formulated and believe that while this is so, the uncertainty in some of our groups persist social. is that there is no warm water in the barracks?. This theoretical model does not exist or will exist, will be never made because to do so the regime that you dare not denounce or even now, would be in the plight of be permanently contrasted in his actions, not against a glaring and tropical model of democracy as we had but against this idyllic socialist model that you dream of and you better that nobody should know that even in the most aberradas fantasies of the most high will find the most minimum intention that such a thing will happen, and happen could allow it mean something more than keep plowing the sea?; Ni talk! the effort and the work done so far would be in vain if Venezuelans could truly claim and achieve a fair return by the deviation of the reality with regard to proposed does not have years doing it?; He served something?; We supported you at some point? If the basis for the construction of the socialism of the 21st century is a scientific theory of the stature of Marx and Engels, that build on it is not it less, under penalty of the built structure do not run to be more than a humble hut, raised on the foundations of a skyscraper. Skyscrapers are big, high and solid stuff of many floors general Lord, look up, but not to see in the mirror of their very high already for that, we hope, You will have had more than enough, but for view space empty, hollow and quiet which, by pure justice, should be occupied today by Venezuela and permitting its Epiphany post-patada in the back is secured that such huts in front of their noses are not more than a fragile facade that make-up the other empty, the most painful and amazingwhich have left the rubble which was our homeland, our future and our dreams.

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