Tradition is tradition, people follows without understanding the reason very, mainly on ones to the marriage. The famous Tea of Kitchen, or pan Tea, as they want, has an origin nothing glamourosa, but it was absorbed by diverse cultures and today many times it is a glamourosa party in buffets or and restaurants for marriage. By the way, for marriages in So Paulo, it exists until some restaurants and other places with packages special for these events. Old, the women of few resources, without you endow, they did not obtain fiancs and they were predestinold to the solteirice. a>. It was then that from collective initiatives, friends of the fianc had passed if to congregate in confraternizao and, with a bit daqui and from there, to collect money and merchandises for the fianc in question. ' ' Bridal Shower' ' (Bridal = referring to the fianc/Shower = overflowed), as it passed to be known, started to have a paper of ' ' fairy madrinha' ' , since from this gesture between friends, future solteirona started to be a young woman casadoira. Reasons to the part, the great truth it is that the Tea of Kitchen if became tradition, independent of the necessity of the fianc. In the truth, as women adore to have reasons to congregate themselves and to fofocar, this type of meeting started to be a great chance friends to palpitarem them and to be knowing of more details on details of the party, of the dress, maquiagem, bouquet of fianc Also, to change figurinhas with who already passed therefore on details technician more as the choice of buffets and restaurants for marriage..

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