So, in fact, the main obstacle – it's our thoughts on the basis of decisions and acceptances made in the past. You may think that they are like real rocks, inaccessible and impassable stand in the way of our ability to sell. Most interestingly, that children simply do not have these barriers, they come and learn and take what you need without any effort and excitement. And if we reduce the sale to the simple, then this exchange than valuable, which in turn – communication (communication). People are able to communicate, often a good seller, and not able to simply record on mental barerah.Otkuda he took these barriers in our heads? Who shoved them back.

Let's see how many adults and parents say his daze – do not go there "," Do not take it "" Do not do that ", etc. and that every day and for a long time about 10 years or more. You want – do not want to believe and agree, as parents and elders need to listen. And how many films and fairy tales, where successful people are shown just the latest reptiles on earth, the same "Titanic," there's just all permeated the idea that being poor is very fun and good. We believe in all this, and agreed that being poor is very "Spiritually." Hence the start of our misfortunes. Therefore, it is important to realize this and find friends and coaches who really elevate you and believe in you and it should be mutual.

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