Federal District

About ten million people develop their working lives in the city of Mexico, so spend around three hours in transported daily. In terms of numbers, if the 30 million hours were worked and paid 50 pesos the hour, would mean a BREW of 547 billion pesos, a figure similar to the amount established by the Government as a goal to invest in infrastructure. Another fact is that the residents of the Mexican capital spend five years of it jammed and stressed-out life in transit while real estate in Mexico City do not cease construction in the metropolitan area, better housing in the area surround options make the flow of people entering and leaving the capital dailyronde the four million people. This fluctuating population, not only contributes to road congestion, but is also part of the overpopulation in restaurants, malls and other places through which runs the life of the city of Mexico. All this bustle townsman has doubled the per capita income in the Valley of Mexico, in the last 15 years, at the time which is devoted more money on gasoline, passages and parking lots in order to attend work or study centres. In this way, the population that develops their life environment of the largest city in Latin America, has come to spend almost 50% of household income, only in transport; In addition, that has destined more than two hours a day to move from home to work or school and vice versa.

All of the above is due to the supply of housing is better in areas further away from the city; While the best options of formal work are concentrated in Cuauhtemoc, Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juarez delegations. However, not only people living outside of the city live this via crucis daily, the locals of the Federal District have also been the need to find housing on the shores of the city, or asking for a space at the home of a family member, due to public policy nor the strength of the market have been able to so as to generate conditions conducive of housing, according to their income, or, what would be better, better paid jobs. It is regrettable that, every day, millions of Mexicans spend around 50 pesos to be transported through the city, invested more than three hours of your time and cease to attend to their families, friends and neighbors. All this leads to a social consequence that not only has impact on the economy of city dwellers; but, on their way of life and their social integration.

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