District Appreciation

The older brother of Adriana who was unmarried; He had a restaurant in the District of Pueblo Libre’s name Lamparin and enjoyed a fictitious economic stability, since their irresponsibility took him to not knowing how to manage your business in a safe way, and everytime he had economic problems to deal with in the business, resorted to the help of her mother, because her mother had a good incomethat left her husband as pension; Since her husband had been the first editor of the journal of the debates in Congress. And that brother had the Vice of compulsive gambling, (all your money spent it is in casinos) irresponsibility prevailed everywhere. I remember with sadness as a day where we needed money to fix a small problem, the offered to lend us money, sack a huge WAD in his pocket and asked us what what we needed. I not accepted, because I’ve never liked borrow me with nobody, and least He was upset and told me that he was a proud m. The tremendous change in the relationship with her mother of Adriana, occurred in the year of 1990.

An afternoon in which we returned from visiting my mom, we found her crying in the dining room; Adriana, I ask: what happens, because you are crying? Your response filled me with indignation and can clearly feel all the affection and appreciation that had for him. His response between sobs was: have stolen me my strong box silver then we try to console her between the two, and the cholera broto me be; It was known who was that person who had stolen money from his box strong, in which also kept their jewelry. Seems that the affection and appreciation that I felt for her at that moment was mutual, maybe he could feel my grief to see what happened, and it corresponded to that appreciation. .

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