European Salary

The salary is the least since everyone who make political is the salary that It is now incumbent. Third party no longer commented, what little I can understand and drawings it is if they swear it to me by Esnoopy, but with this profile of politicians I’m sure that would happen the same with the entrepreneur, the business among his circle and citizens with charli Charlie Brown at the Esnoopy booth. At the table they appealed to catalan nationalism, I consider myself to be catalan, but also Spanish and also European. Nationalism is not achieved anything for the country, only for the circle of nationalists who govern us. They do not solve problems, but does create a network of contacts to benefit their companies because the majority of businessmen are nationalist, if you touch it. When you remove this item, you proved me almost all but three of which at the beginning I abucheaban, gave me the reason but understanding it in its own way, disagreed on some issues, insurance that were civil servants, lol. I didn’t have to go to the emergency room, but left as you enter, don’t know who vote, meeting the political class, as famous magazines heart, people who belongs to another Galaxy, that only looks for him and his entourage and don’t know how to reach the huge mass of citizens and is when invents nationalism, Greens and an end of say parties trash that don’t offer anything but looking to earn that salary of the stars, taking advantage of discouragement that created the political class. I’m asking for moroso, who pays and politician that wants to reach people’s problems and find solutions as it has done the with yours, don’t want exploited that a terrible situation of discouragement which have brought us a race in extinction of dinosaurs process, from entering a few sharks without social principles only because of money and not helping citizensunder my humble understanding is that a politician has to do. Visit me at: original author and source of the article.

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