District Board

Elisabeth Lviv by the KLJB District Board described alive, like the idee fixe”was implemented with many hours of work and in the team. The KJLB local group Roggenburg (Diocese of Augsburg) with the charity advent calendar project, which strengthened the village economy was more FILIB winners of Roggenburg, Schwandorf and Wurzburg of second prize winner. Third Prize winner was the KLJB Schwandorf District Association with the KiWi Tour project”(Church and economy”). The Special Prize for the KLJB Diocesan associations went Land.Jugend.Kirche that brings Church to the young people in the villages with a mobile bus and youth worship at the KLJB Wurzburg for their project. “Home field advantage the KLJB wants the country with visions move in its home field advantage principle decision points victory for BBs country!” the KLJB describes the contradictory developments on the land in Bavaria from their point of view.

The Youth Association formulated Consequently visions for the future of the youth in the country in all areas of the campaign of home field advantage (political, social, economic and environmental) and is for a dialogue about your ideas. Land Chairman Andreas Deutinger explained the decision: here we close a loophole in the policy. The rural development program is the best example that a visionary idea for the future in the country is missing the most political leaders in our opinion. We want to come now management, professional associations and civil society as youth association with the paper in the conversation with the policy.” KLJB begins discussion process on the subject of women priests of KLJB Bayern busy with the issue of admission of women to the ministerial priesthood and encouraged an association internal discussion process.

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