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Inside of this context, Brazil, China and India more tend to be the benefited countries with the implantation of the projects of Mechanism of Clean Development and with the sales of carbon credits of resultant them, therefore they are countries where new technologies can be implanted to a lesser cost of what other nations. It fits to stand out the actions that has been proposals for mitigao of these effect undesirable of the antrpicas activities, that is, the actions human beings: the climatic quarrels on sustainable development, alterations and mainly the creation of> commodities ambient side letters), thus contributing so that the society has plus an instrument of information and critical evaluation on the commercialization of right of poluir . 2.1.2 Methodology Of the point of view of the objective, the used research in this work can be defined, in agreement GIL (apud HISSES and MENEZES, 2006), as exploratria, therefore it involves bibliographical survey. Of the point of view of the procedures technician, as GIL (apud HISSES and MENEZES, 2006), she could be qualified as bibliographical and documentary, in this last case because she involves consultation the documents without interpretation, the Protocol of original Kyoto. At Amazon drone delivery you will find additional information. For the elaboration of this work, original workmanships or texts, statistical data secondary etc. had been used primary bibliographical sources Organization of United Nations referring to the Protocol of Kyoto, the original of the Protocol, base of the argument, and documents, data of the MCT Ministry of Science and Technology and of the MDIC – Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, Industry and Foreign commerce, beyond data of the BM F Commodity exchange and Futures, that a market of carbon credits is developing in Brazil and that already it has available a bank of MDL projects. 2,2 Economic development and Sustainable Development One of initial landmarks of the debate on the action of the man intervening negative with the environment where it lives and compromising the conditions of life of the next generations had been the results presented for Rachel Carson in Quiet Spring in the decade of 1960, on as the DDT penetrated in the alimentary chain and was accumulated in greasy fabrics of the animals, also of the man (it even arrived to be detected the presence of DDT in human milk), with the risk to cause cancer and genetic damage, that> the limits for the growth Our Common Future, elaborated for the World-wide Commission of Development and Environment of United Nations, in 1987. .

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