The Nailed

Let us not forget in them that Christian must cultivate the existence of the operation of the power of God in its life, therefore he is according to this power who we reach the blessings of God in our lives, this says apstolo Pablo in Efsios 3, God can make much more beyond what we ask for or we think. III – AS TO PREVENT THE ANXIETY. The best form to fight any badly and the prevention, and this in all the aspects of the life. In the Christian life the example of everything is necessary a devotion to the sacred one in the search of Biblical knowledge, of it lives deeply and experiment I continue of the divine favour. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. Our priority in everything is God. You search the Kingdom of skies first and to the too much they will be added you things.

Let us see some situations: Ahead of the finances. The word of God condemns the materialism, the Christian must therefore attempt against not to yield to the offers of the wealth that are presented as being the only form of if seeing blessed for God, Jesus said: ‘ ‘ the poor persons always you tend with you ‘ ‘ . The corporeal properties, the material prosperity are divine gifts all we have the right to enjoy, however a wild search of these values runs away to the designs of God for the life of the man, the avarice has had incentive on the part of men who textualmente use the name of God for its justifications disqualified for the sacred bible. True the characteristic of the kingdom of God is not equivalents to the nailed aberracionais forms nowadays, ‘ ‘ The too much things you will be acrescentadas’ ‘ .


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