The Mill

A to fine grinder adjustment favored the bonding of the grinder. You realize that nothing is crushed, empty the mill and fill a bit coarse, dry salt or even better a few round rice grain. After several turns, the rice or salt the bonds should solve and can be further ground after refilling with the spice. Alternatively, you can fill first a few grains of rice in the mill and through complete grind. Then directly fill the Spice in the required amount and quickly turn. You can fill alternately so much spice and rice, as the mill is on the basis of their experience in a position properly to grind, before they are glued. The bonds not dissolve but the grinder must be disassembled and cleaned with a brush and dried! “After using spicy should” be completely emptied and as intensely cleaned, to prevent persistent rigidities and always a ready tool”to have and hence the further at its millstones” taste perfectly to go by States but as mentioned earlier, there are limits to that patience can meaningfully be exceeded only with benevolence, feeling, experimentation and above all. Dealing with spicy”needs to be learned, but can be the beginning of a wonderful friendship”.

The metal parts can be cleaned with standard cleaning agents and maintained. Scouring and abrasive agents and utensils please do not use, because the surface otherwise unattractive”is scratched. Wooden parts should be wiped with a damp cloth and then immediately dried mi a soft cloth. The wooden parts can be then rubbed with Tung oil or ordinary oil and rubbed dry after a short time with a paper towel. Dimensions: D: 4,5 cm (body)-10.5 cm (crank), height 14.5 cm weight: 380 g warranty: 10 years on the X-metal grinder, 5 years on the spice mill

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