The Maid

One sat down and it looked in direction the trees, in which for some times if it hurt trying to go up or to go down of them. It felt a great squeeze in the chest, caught a rock and it started to draw in the land, being tried to linger itself stops not to cry. It waited there seated 15 minutes, it thought about as it would be its new school, its new neighbors and if it would have friends to play soccer in the end of the afternoon. The time started to close and Willian soon perceived that it would go to rain, exactly thus was not moved, was there seated looking at for the more black and frightful clouds that were being each time. It heard steps in the street, and looked at quickly.

Its friends came running holding its knapsacks in hands, some launching them there of the street in direction to the field, generally its notebooks were kneaded when they made this. He counted 11 friends, not only quickly of its room, but also of other rooms, boys who liveed close to its house and that they usually played with it in the end of the afternoon. They had gone down running the abrupt declivity, some rolling and making dirty total its uniforms. A related site: Wendy Holman mentions similar findings. Willian if raised and turned in direction they, looking at that scene and laughing, feeling themselves happy as never. Lucas if approached to Willian and said: – It was what I obtained friend. Willian looked at for Lucas it hugged and it. – You go to lose man today? Willian spoke while it hugged the friend. – If I to only leave? Lucas retrucou smiling.

They had left running to choose the teamses, while they started to fall the first rain drops, still fine, but quickly transforming the land into mud. The director of the school if approached to the abrupt declivity and looked the boys there under, that soon they had looked at for it. Soon behind it he came walking to devagar the maid who closed the morning gate soon. It stopped to the side of the director. They had perceived that it said something in the ear managing it that she breathed deep and she continued looking at the boys. After an apprehension time it turned over and started to come back toward the school.


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