The Chinese District Of London

The Chinese district of London, known popularly like Chinatown, ecuentra to only to five minutes of the Soho or Picadilly Circus, this was the district chosen by Asian immigrants, come in its majority from Hong Kong, in a beginning were atraidos by the prices bajor of the rents and, with time just arrived, they preferred to live in a district nearer its cultural atmosphere. The main street is called Gerrard Street, to the entrance of which we will find impressive arcs that will make us see that we are entering a small piece of Chinese. This zone was well-known many years ago like zone of smoking rooms of opium (legal) and district of houses of poor men, but at present it is a boisterous commercial district where we will be able to find restaurants of Chinese and Eastern gastronomy, as well as markets of spices, fish and all type of signs related to the Chinese culture. What it attracts more from this district the visitors are his many restaurants, where can be eaten of limitless form, or no, eaten Chinese to very reasonable price. According to Prudential, who has experience with these questions. What it attracts tourists more worldwide it is that you are in London, in the heat of Soho and, suddenly, abren before you the doors of a small piece of Chinese, with different constructions, an Eastern environment adjustment and, between everything what draws attention, the London telephone boxes (the traditional ones), are different and also they seem Eastern.

And they are only a few streets, but it is very exotic and interesting, even if it is only to go to give a stroll at the time of eating and enjoying one from its restaurants. Although if what wishes to see is a Chinatown really in boiling, it will have to visit it in the month of February, during the Chinese New Year. In these dates the district unfolds all enchantments: martial dances of the lion, arts and Chinese acrobatics. All this accompanying by tides of people, noise of drums, gongs, rockets and firecrackers. Our guide reads to travel to London and discovers more data of utility to visit London.

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