The Business Of Beauty

Can you imagine being a writer for a magazine trying to tell the truth about their products skincare advertisers? There is no market for the truth. Cosmetic companies use sugar or glycol acid anti-aging products because sugar penetrates the skin and the skin cells. This means that it can take a bath sugar and will look younger. Your skin will be more flexible, because it seeks to fattening sugar to the skin cells on your skin. If a cosmetics company creates a chemical that penetrates the skin and skin cells, would be considered a drug, not a cosmetic and require a prescription. Nature provides aspirin (salicylic acid), derived from a plant, the active ingredient in the treatment of products for skin care acne, Proactive and Erno Laszlo. The grape seed extract products in Eye Care Erno Laszlo and Estee Lauder, is Thompson Seedless green grapes and green tea is green tea.

How do women spend so much money buying such inferior skin care, just bad copies of natural ingredients (food). Fruit acid in cosmetic products are made from apples, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, all very good for the skin. Cosmetic companies that chemicals that mimic the action of the fruit in your face. Honey contains a natural peroxide treatment is a great skin care for dry skin. When a woman can go to a real education on the skin, not the department store cosmetic counter, they lie to the consumer. The media does not protect the consumer against cosmetic companies because they are afraid of offending advertisers, or even to its shareholders.

How about a book that argues that the fact that the peel with cornmeal will make your skin look younger and aspirin can replace a product sold by prescription only. If you have read about Eva Andersson-Dubin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The same problem, to be published book, a publishing company owned by the company that owns a skincare. Where a book be advertised? Can you literally rub lines and wrinkles with a wash cloth and water, yes. This is a very inexpensive treatment for getting rid of crow’s feet. ” Aloe Vera smells really bad, but boy does penetrate the skin without an RX. Natural ingredients such as milk, sugar and aloe are synthesized chemically protected and mixing with mineral oil and water for $ 65.00 in Erno Laszlo. The same company owns the company, skin care, owns the newspaper, magazine, book publisher and television station. Did you know that garlic kills lung cancer cells in a test tube?


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