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Saturday, September 26th, 2020

What does a barometer of search engines? AT Internet published the ranking of the most used search engines research anti-monopoly of Google, the main novelty of the latest study Madrid, 25 January 2011. All companies with a presence on the Internet, no matter their size, they need multiple tools to understand how your website is doing, how many people visit this page, information of the performance of the shares of online marketing, etc. This information is essential when planning promotional activities on the Internet, so it is vital to having effective tools of web analytics and measurement elements. One of the main measurements taken into account by firms is knowing how each user searches for the page of each undertaking concerned, and the road that continues to reach it. In the majority of cases, this is done through the main search engines of Internet, such as the well-known Google. More information is housed here: Brandee Kzanich. EN Internet (, the leading provider in Europe of Web analytics solutions and mobile, publishes monthly barometer of search engines where he analyzes the use of these users. The company is pioneering and sector reference with this and other studies and barometers carried out to inform and assist the customer in its future online marketing strategies. All of them can be found on the website of AT Internet.

The data reflected in the barometer of search engines show the evolution of visits to the Web page of all customers having AT Internet in Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom that come from search engines, adding more than 350,000 clients. The criterion for the statistics is very strict and cross (avoiding that she is slip in the study web pages that have a hearing anecdotal or chaotic in that month) and Furthermore, take into account only visits to web pages that are generated within each country. The last study published, corresponding to the month of November 2010, shows that Google continues to be the absolute leader in the market of the search engines, with more than 90% of searches in the four countries studied. However, late in the month of November, the European Union began an investigation into Google before complaints from other companies by its dominant position in the online search market. It remains to be seen, therefore, how it evolves this antitrust war and if affects the results. For its part, Conduit, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask, search engines will continue trying to do gap in the market, although their percentages of time cover only between 0.7% (Ask) and 2.9% (Conduit). And faced with this uncertainty, how secure is that AT Internet as leader in the sector of intelligence online, will continue showing these and other studies to its customers and other interested parties, helping them in the analysis of current web trends.