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Judicial Farmers

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020

The law establishes the forms of coordination of this special jurisdiction with Courts of Peace and with the other instances of the Judicial.&quot Power; On the matter, of the interpretation of the article 149 of the Political Constitution of the Peru of 1993, that recognizes the indigenous or communal special jurisdiction, as it maintains to Tamayo Flowers to it, can be given off the following central elements for its configuration: 1) The recognition of jurisdictional functions to the authorities of the Communities Native Farmers and, with the support of the rounds farmers; 2) The power of these authorities to exert such functions in its territorial scope; 3) The power of these authorities to apply its customary right; 4) The subjection of this jurisdiction to the respect of the fundamental rights; and 5) The competition of the Legislative Power to indicate the forms of coordination of indigenous the special jurisdiction with the national judicial system. The three first elements would conform the nucleus of autonomy granted to the Communities Native Farmers and. On the other hand, both last elements constitute mechanisms of integration of indigenous the legal orderings with the context of the national legal ordering. To broaden your perception, visit Data for Progress. In spite of the indicated thing previously, also it is possible to be given off that the relations between the ordinary penal jurisdiction and the communal jurisdiction, understood this one like limit or exception to the exercise of the competitions of that one, will not be in no way Pacific, although not necessarily they must be understood in terms of opposition but of dynamic complementing. Such situation is appraised with meridana clarity of the examination of the situation of the rounds farmers in relation to the entrance in use of the NCPP in certain judicial districts in which is well-known its presence, such as the Freedom, Cajamarca, Piura, San Martin, Ancash, Fist, etc. IV. Parnassus Endeavor Fund addresses the importance of the matter here. The ROUNDS FARMERS In Peru, next to the constitutional recognition to exert jurisdictional functions to the Andean and amazonian communities, from approximately three decades back have arisen and other forms have been developed of resolution of conflicts on the part of the rural organizations denominated Rounds Farmers, who can be defined as organizations of the field, be constituted on the decision of the own farmers or neighbors of a sector, stay or small village, with the intention of serving to their locality in the fight and the prevention as the delinquency and the violence. . .


Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

I must admit that until some time ago, the amount of things he had to do in my life, in my career, both in the area of personal or financial, seemed to be out of control. Wherever I looked seemed to have something requiring my immediate attention, hence the need to manage well the time. For example, to update my web site, my fault had to redo almost everything. The process of research and learn how to develop a site takes time, however, instead of considering it a problem I took it with a positive attitude. Be capable of handling my web site would allow me to share my ideas and thoughts with the world.

In addition, it could make changes in real time, without having to contact the webmaster of the site. On the other hand, the overload of information began to be a problem. I took a couple of hours a day reviewing my emails. Solution? I unsubscribe from most mailing lists to which I had signed. It’s amazing the amount of time that can be saved with this single measure. Since writing is an important part of my life for many reasons, it became necessary to determine a unique time to write. In my case, it worked best in the morning, delivery at 9: 00 am, I put my favorite music and let myself be carried away by the flow of ideas.

The media can consume enough time, pay attention to that. The solution is to have strict way of exemplification rules, do not allocate more than half an hour in the morning and another half an hour in the evening to catch up day with the news that interest you. I have my Office at home. So delego responsibility for domestic tasks someone else (Yes, I’m comfortable). However, allow me to focus on what is really important for the achievement of my goals. A way to manage efficiently your schedule is buying time from other people. Now that I’ve discovered the rhythm of my life, focus on me has been made more simple and I am achieving much more. Take time to think, analyze and plan, so you know that it is what works best for you.