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Friday, December 10th, 2021

It is important that a well-shirt sat. And yet, you can see the men in shirts that are too tight or wide collar, with too long or short-sleeved shirt or jacket itself is too broad or too hugs the body. The shirt, which is bad for you is sitting, not just looks bad – it spoils the whole image. Is this the effect you want? In traditional stores menswear shirt size is selected by the ratio of the circle of neck and arm's length. So let them with you at first will remove the measurements, then you can buy a shirt in your size. Go to Jack Grealish for more information.

If you go for shopping in traditional stores, where shirts are sold by size, make sure that the collar does not weigh you and bristling, and then take it to the tailor that he shortened the sleeves and ushil its sides, if needed. Leather jacket. Many men look great at work office, but on the weekends things change, they go to the terrible old bikes, fight jeans and unkempt old cotton jackets. But all you need to fix this situation – it's a neat leather jacket – perfect detail of the wardrobe, which accentuate your style and you will feel comfortable at any time. Choose your jacket, timeless style, a simple cut, with no buttons and locks, or short jacket bomber pleats at the waist or hips, easily enough, so you can wear it and indoors and outdoors. Simple pants but not jeans. Nowadays, jeans are no longer considered "pants that are just farmers." And more Furthermore, their price rose as much as their status has grown.

Look Good Today

Friday, August 20th, 2021

Sure, not all are willing and able to go for help to the stylist to pick up a wardrobe, understand, get advice about which things to wear and buy. There are several ways to do it yourself. Ways to these simple and inexpensive, so how to apply them only need to look into your wardrobe. As a rule, for various reasons, most of the things in your closet just lies, takes place and creating the illusion of an abundance of things. The question arises "a lot of things, but nothing to wear '. And you enter into some torn. 1.

Stop being 'Plyushkin'. Look in your closet. Even if it does not jam packed with things, even if things are relatively few, among them there are always absolutely unnecessary, unsuitable, lying under classified as 'what if someday prove useful'? Such things are best just simply throw away or give to the needy. But there is a risk of accidentally put them in the morning rush These include things: – ripped – nondeducible spots – worn, with obvious signs of old age (discolored, with pellets on the surface, etc.) 2. Take a good look in the mirror. Try all your stuff, and try as much as possible to objectively evaluate them in front of a mirror. For sure there are things that you:-small (too strong adhesive qualities, emphasizing the figure flaws, short, etc.), large (eg blouses, shirts, vests, etc., in which the shoulder joint is below the shoulder line, creating a 'sad shoulders ' baggy pants, etc., baggy shirts nepritalennye) – are uncomfortable to wear (things like 'almost but not quite').