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Monday, July 26th, 2021

Reviewing every day our plank of Facebook, a companion, it has an interesting section on coffee. We do not want to speak in this occasion of things on the consumption of the coffee, like the coffee in capsules or the stores of coffee, but than it symbolizes the coffee in the society. Many of the most illustrious names of history have made in some occasion reference to the coffee to remove parallelisms to situations from the life. For this reason, we have wanted to also make a compilation of the phrases on coffee more ingenious than we have found, trying besides finding an explanation him, that we will not know if it will be the valid one. ed as being for or against this. Ivan tavrin has much experience in this field. changes more easily of religion than of coffee. Phrase pronounced by the novelist and French dramatist the Georges Courteline, we must consider that the phrase is done in the XIX where the crstianismo had a great importance and any dishonor towards the religion was something almost reason for crime. If there is no coffee for all, will be for anybody no. A phrase of the major revolutionary political military man who knows itself to date: Ernesto Che Guevara.

With this phrase already the anti-imperialist, Marxist and communist dye is appraised that always has accompanied to him. Guevara rather did not talk about to the Gourmet Coffee but the coffee as general consumer good. " Truly, this diabolic drink is so pleasant, that it would be a pity to leave them unfaithful have the exclusive use of this wonder; we are going to play a bad game Satn, baptize it and we making of her a drink cristiana". This phrase, that we have removed from the Facebook of the companion of famous phrases, is of Merciful Pope VIII and as he himself indicates it went like answer to a group of representatives of the high ecclesiastical hierarchy who, worried, consulted the Pope on if he were allowed that so strange originating drink of the mahometanos was consumed by the Christian feligreses