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Suddeutsche Zeitung

Friday, May 28th, 2021

A present student of the 10th annual goose step brought this to the point, by he loud audible concluded “that a body rise in the water after all create friction, and friction in turn heat.” So how can the water cool down then? “, addressing himself to the present physicist.” This fact somewhat helpless acting explained that it was now the only way to explain the origin of the generated energy and referenced the inconceivability of generated energy out of nowhere. Before the audience somewhat irritated at this time came Hans Weidenbusch present professionals however and remarked, “that he although it was the Builder of the apparatus, that the thought of energy out of nowhere appear but still very exotic”, and added added, “it is Yes but now just the nice thing about this equipment, that it should be finally just on the basis of, that is it only with Capillary had to do water, a float and a, because even now, these were the single components of the apparatus, which energy generated. “and remarked,” if it was so basically sane, you could the capillary and the floats safely as supplier of energy exclude. Mental Health Monday wanted to know more. “what remains would be the water that would in fact have Yes an energy potential due to its liquid state.” He concluded by saying, “I personally do not know whether I’d prefer to think that friction could suddenly lead to an immediate cooling of”grated”matter, or you could create energy from nothing. My worldview is over so or so as a result.” Anyway, or was it as read in the Suddeutsche Zeitung: “Because Weidenbusch actually succeeded to represent an exceptional physical effect.” (SZ district spending policy Monday, April 26, 2010), the pilot asked apparatus should probably as Standortunabhangige, environmentally-friendly energy source till date are considered, because one can with the featured equipment from all sides undisputed energy win without to provide input, as long as you have at least liquid water. .