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Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

In more, beyond the epistemolgica search of the use of cellular as the pedagogical tool she is necessary that the education institutions establish necessary investments to new the practical metodolgicas, so that gradually the professors acquire marcantes habits, transforming and being transformed. When the professor transforms, exceeds its pupil to the pleasure to understand and to reconstruct knowledge. E, so that the professor is transformed, it lacks of qualification. ' ' It is not enough to have access to the technology to have the pedagogical domain. It has a great time between knowing, using and to modify processos' ' (MORAN, 2007, P. 90). The same author is sistmico when he is about qualification, he emphasizes to be basic that professors, administrative body and pupils they have the domain pedagogical technician and of the tool which if intends to use for the pertaining to school aid. The pedagogical qualification the aid to find bridges between the areas of the knowledge where the diverse available tools act and, actual as in such a way virtual.

This qualification cannot be prompt, semiactually has that continuous to be carried through, so that if it learns, in the practical one, to use the long-distance resources. 9 Not obstante to establish qualifications is of capital importance the establishment of investments, so that the pertaining to school institution can stimulate the pupils to the process of changes to foment the interaction with the technology, for the simple fact of that the spheres of the productive chain and society as a whole use this system. The process of organization for the change has servant new social requirements and requires decentralized attitudes, thus affirms Drucker (2000): … the organization must be structuralized to take decisions quickly. these decisions must to be based on the proximity – with the performance, the market, the technology, and all the current changes in the society in the environment, the demography and the knowledge that will propitiate the chances for the innovation.