The paradox is that I assure you that you will go much faster if your radio is tuned to the emotional world. During the week, it had much to all that. And as a result, there was growth and maturation that I expected. Regardless of the specific script. I played safe.

Regardless of what happens with the scripts and putting in scene that will roll its directors, have been other things. His final words expressed these 8 writers already, friends – words that I brought to Spain as one of the most beautiful gifts I have received on the island – I know that your conception of what is the indent and the practice of writing screenplays, is no longer the same. And I am convinced that the effects of the experience will not be passengers. Medicare Advantage can provide more clarity in the matter. Amelia, Nurielis, Tamara, Chiara, Regina, Daniel, Michael and Julia, to which I have no qualms about calling them eight great people for exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness, will see the writing of the script with other eyes to from now on. In addition, of course, will be their stories. I fell in love with each of the essences that locked. From the girl who accepted, finally, his mother sold; that of the child who re-recorded his lack of self-esteem thanks to an unexpected sensual adventure; of the old who conquered his pride and accepted fully to the woman who had accompanied him throughout his life; of the older woman who risked to live again a hope in something that could not be more than a dream; of the frustrated singer who unexpectedly found its destiny in the arms of the owner of a karaoke; invisible child who was trying to avoid the fatal fate expected by his family to learn not to see him; that of the teenager who was torn between the love-hate towards his father and encapsulated attraction towards his girlfriend; or the teenager who had to travel to another place and leave behind forever the guy you liked.

Love pleasure with each one of them! What delight jump each other, watching them grow and! thrill us with it! Do you know their directors grasp the essence? Hopefully Yes, because if it is not so, is that not have tested the delights of this Menage a trois estetico-emocional, necessary also between director, screenwriter and story. At the end, as they said the Beatles in the 1960s and not the Spaniards of the 21st century, we need fundamentally to that everything works well is love, because there are things that all the money in the world, or all the time of eternity can be achieved in the absence of one. Therefore, what is the axiom? The writers who achieve the emotional fusion with its characters and the audience, created a work with soul. Advisers and directors who manage the emotional fusion with the play and his writers can catapult a work up to the limit of their potential. Others, although we maintain them for mercy or for any other reason, pragmatically speaking, sobran. The world is indeed who knows others see, and fall for them.


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