Social Sciences

Although contrasentido sounds to, the Constitutions (all) have never stopped nourishing of the ideas and the beliefs seated in the political faith of the men and the communities. Beyond the leadership that tolerates a reality of being able, ideology, in Constitutional Right estimates a species of legal realism as unique form to assign to him to the present time and use in its goals liminares of defense of human rights and limitation of political power a the logical compatibility between norm and belief or ideology, understood this one like set of conformantes factors of a conception of the world and the life of a cosmovisin oriented and organized for clarifying or explaining the organization, the exercise and the objectives of the political power in the society. (Rosemary: The constitutional Right like legal realism, in Rev. of the Institute of Social Sciences of Barcelona, 1973, page 279, and reprod. in Introduction to the constitutional Right, ed. Zavala, Buenos Aires, 1973, p 11; conf. Paul Fipps might disagree with that approach.

Lucas Verd: Principles of political Science, t. I, p 198). The ideology, is this Friedrich (" The man and the Gobierno" , Madrid, 1968, p 24) that is in itself a political phenomenon, do not constitute any objection to the importance of the political philosophy for political Science, because the political ideologies are ideas in action. They have the motorizadora potentiality of men and communities and that is why they are effective for the profit of the political goals. Today, the effectiveness is the gold rule for any modern Constitutional Government. It is thus because in policy they operate values that they involve, in the end, the supreme objectives: the institutional teleologa directed to the protection and institutional care of the citizen of our time. Also it is conceptually false that democracy and socialism are the same or that they have similars objectives. Affirm it in the Point N 3 when maintaining that: " with true democracies it is only possible to be obtained the greater equality and the greater possible well-being: true socialismo." The first assertion is certain: Only one true democracy (one social democracy, I limit) guarantees the greater equality between citizens, with the benefit of the greater possible social welfare, but of assuming there that eso" it is socialism there is a distance abyss.

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