Social Justice

This type of research is not abided by unified a theoretical and/or metodolgico concept, thus, the individual and subjective perspective if it constitutes an initial starting point (FLICK, 2009). In this direction, ‘ ‘ the qualitative method is what it is applied to the study of history, the relations, the representations, the beliefs, the perceptions and the opinions, products of interpretations that the human beings make regarding as they live, construct to its same devices and itself, feel and pensam’ ‘ (MINAYO, 2008 pp. 57). 5.2 Participant the participants of the research had been social judges, promoters, psychologists and assistants, who work with the cases of dispute of guard in poles of family of the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories. 5.3 Instrument the used instrument was the semistructuralized interview. The qualitative interview has as purpose to take care of the objective tracings for the research and it can be used as the only technique of research (FRASER; GONDIM, 2004). In this way, ‘ ‘ the intention of the research only can be to understand the meanings and the experiences of the interviewed ones in what it refers to the definitive situations and eventos’ ‘ (FRASER; GONDIM, 2004 P. 145). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from ivan tavrin.

Fraser and Gondim (2004) designate that the use of this type of instrument if justifies for the fact of the qualitative research to be a boarding that intends to understand the particular reality and has a strong commitment with the social transformation, through the autorreflexo and of the emancipatria action that if considers to unchain in the proper participants of the research. 24 5,4 Procedures of collection of data For the contact with the professionals of the Psicossocial Service of the TJDFT, the proposal of this work was presented the institution, requesting itself which had it authorization for the conduction of the research in the dependences of the Secretariat Psicossocial – SEPSI. After the granting, gave to beginning the interviews with these professionals in the dependences of the SEPSI. A social assistant and a psychologist had been interviewed. The contact with the judges and promoters was made next to the respective cabinets, by means of letter of introduction and in annex the Term of Free Assent and Esclarecido (TCLE) (ATTACHED I). Promotores/as and four judges of the Promotorias and Varas of Family of two cities had been contacted seven satellites of the Federal District.


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