Psychiatric Emergency

The psychiatric assistance continues existing through the Service of Psychiatric Emergency of the general hospital and the Centers of Mental Health spread by the city, that the patients add and its familiar ones, organize parties and promotions, establish bonds with the quarters and take care of to all the demand. This revolution since the beginning implied in considerable changes between cure-cured, therefore in the old model it searched to diagnosis, to classify, to medicate and to cure the mental sick person, and now, with new the proposal, the doctor if sees ahead of an existence that suffers and that it asks for aid, that is, starts to have ampler possibilities of performance of what in the previous model. Please visit Ebay if you seek more information. Basaglia emphasized the necessity of the cuidador to see the usuary as a total being, with affection, pains, suffering and, simultaneously, with option possibilities, fights, personal reorganization and full exercise of citizenship. Basaglia wanted to restitute ' ' louco' ' its condition of citizen? individual that suffers, but that she is above all a citizen? it unmasked hypocritical structures that legitimized to the health ' ' of the ones of fora' ' in exchange for ' ' madness of the ones of dentro' '. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. Until point the insane person is what this inside of a psychiatric hospital? It will be that wild we are not who we are it are, that we live in this full world of rules and greed for work money? The author clarifies the heading of the book when he cites: ' ' madness opened doors, jumped the walls of the hospitals for, without asking for license, seating comfortably in our room of supper! ' '. The simple quo is perceived and enlightening it is the phrase, therefore it is accurately what it happens with the end of the psychiatric hospitals, ' ' louco' ' it leaves to the street, adentra in the society, retaking its right of citizen, and us we have the possibility to perceive our proper madness, being then capable to admit its real existence, not having more because to exclude the desviante individual.

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