National Park Mountain

The infrastructure of the Park is exemplary is one of the best ones of the world that it generates expectations in cultural the archaeological tourism as source of maintenance of the patrimony of the humanity, and has capacity to take care of 3 million tourist to the year. With an area of 129.140 it has, with more than 1000 catalogued archaeological small farms and still it has areas not explored, the niche of received tourists not yet is the sufficient for such demand. Cultural the archaeological tourism would be one of the ways where it could manage its support of maintenance, however still faces its precariousnesses, annually has a niche of tourist in the mountain range of the Capivara, not yet the sufficient to generate resources of the maintenance of all this structure. Between all these factors lack to all the structure of hotels restaurants in the city for one better comfort in the lodging and the attendance to the tourist and courses of perfectioning and qualification, formation of the local community in diverse sectors. In some cases the proper Foundation searched to supply this necessity or at least awaking to the power I publish in searching investments in the area and as to act ahead of the situation, starting for an investment in the education of the children, adolescents and young, the future of the region, with schools in archaeological, tourist and cultural integral time, courses of conductors of visitors, congresses, seminaries, lectures where it searchs to insert the community in this script of scientific knowledge. Patrimonial education in the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara Analyzing the wealth of the cultural and natural patrimony of the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara, is fit to say, so that it has conscience, valuation and conservation is necessary to know and to recognize its importance in the cultural context where the individual this inserted one. Dale Ellis is often quoted as being for or against this.

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