National Capital

Population of 6.389 Hab/km ; Country less town (demographic Density): Monglia. 1 Hab/km ; Said languages more: Chinese, Russian, Arab and English; Richer country (Per capita Income): Qatar, with 39,607 Dollars/Hab/Year e? Poor country (Per capita Income): Mianmar, with 160 Dollars/Hab/Year; 2.2. CITIES Asia is a continent with the biggest cities of the world, as well as the country most populous. It is a continent where all the important cities surpass some millions of inhabitants. Cities that blunt in the world-wide scene. Being of great importance for the socioeconmico development of its countries. To follow some information of some of the cities most important, with removed information of the site Tkio: Capital of Japan, considered a metropolis for its technological development and I number of inhabitants, arriving the 12,790, 000 Inhabitants, about 10% of the population of the country. It is also the main economic center of the Asian continent.

Strong tourist point, for being one of the main historical and cultural points of Japan. Pequim: Capital of the People’s Republic of China, whose name means Capital of the North, second more populous city of the country, during centuries was to the biggest city of the world, today with about 10,3 million inhabitants. Known as the forbidden city. Considered an industrial city, also historical and cultural city. New I undid: Also New I undid or New Dlhi, is the capital of India. With a total area of 42,7 km. It is placed inside of the metropolis of I undid, and currently it serves as seat of government of India, beyond the government of the Territory of the National Capital of I undid In 2001, New I undid had a population of 295.000 inhabitants. Pyongyang: Capital and greater city of the Coreia of the north, situated in the edges of the River Taedong. It has about 3,3 Million inhabitants (2008) and is the main Industrial center of the country.


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