It costs ten times more to attract a new customer who preserve one already existing in effort, time and money. This powerful phrase is something that all businesses know (or should know) but few apply. And why?. because there will be many reasons, but I think that a major is that the commercial departments are more dumps in getting new customers in loyalty to those who already have. If we transfer such operations to the internet, where a commercial figure who visit customers, does not appear the subject of consolidating them is something that few companies engaged effort, and this is a significant error.

At a time in which we are in which competition is atrocious, where there are many companies on the internet that do the same as us, one of the values that we must differentiate is customer service, the MIME, the exquisite care that makes them feel really important. Because they are not. Because today, users / clients of a company (and even more on the internet) do not seek only to buy something, looking for experiences, sensations and feeling with the company. If we add to this that the internet user is clearly proactive influence, we can begin to understand why retain customers is so important. Any action of loyalty that we want to carry out on the internet will need to understand at least three phases: planning, action, and analysis of results. This can be translated into working with a well structured operative and in which everyone in the company knows what to do.

Planning involves treating the loyalty as a campaign by itself, where objectives must be perfectly defined. Loyalty involves a totally different acquisition strategy, because it is a customer who already knows us and has bought us something. Implies starting to know why us has bought (confidence in the company, price, quality, influence of another client.), either through quick surveys or through an email of thanks.

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