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To understand the difference between wage and remuneration it is necessary to know that: ‘ ‘ Wage is the direct consideration which had by the employer to the employee in virtue of the service given in the employment contract, being able fixed or changeable it to be. Remuneration is the total of profits of the employee in virtue of the employment relationship perceived with habitualidade, wants is paid directly for the employer or for third, that is, it is the fixed amount, commissions, percentages, gratuities adjusted and daily paid for viagens.’ ‘ (Great Izidoro, 2004) the wage of the Brazilian professor so is reduced that it cannot invest in the proper formation, and does not obtain to buy books, nor to make qualification courses, what it directly affects the quality of education. It only obtains improvements after service times or it will have been certifyd of after-graduation. A graduated professor, for example, with full licenciatura and weekly day of 40 hours lessons or 200 hours monthly lessons that are in beginning of career, does not have advantages. Contact information is here: Burgess Owens. In this last research, the state of Sergipe that was in 3 place in the 2006 research, now, meets in 16, and Rio De Janeiro was in 2, now is in 14. The Federal District if keeps in 1 and Pernambuco in last place. The table below demonstrates variation of wages in the Federative Union of Brazil in the year of 2008. .

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