In Australia

British architect Magnut Larson believes that such a wall, created by bacteria from the hardened sand, can 'Stop the advance of' Sahara Desert. The idea of creating Great Green Belt – the band of forest, which is designed to stop the sands, has long been hovering in the plans of a number of North American countries. For example, such a method is proposed for stop the Gobi Desert. Architect also offers, in addition to this method of combating desertification using the bacteria Bacillus , living in the wetlands. These bacteria secrete calcium and by spraying them over the sand dunes, will be possible to freeze the sand, turning them into a barrier to further expansion of the desert.

On Earth, started a mass extinction of living creatures in the studies of environmental organizations, Planet Earth is now in the initial stage of the sixth in its history, the mass extinction of living creatures. The main reasons for starting a new extinction on our planet, scientists believe human activity and various spreading diseases. The first 'pockets' of extinction risk of becoming Australia, New Zealand and neighboring Pacific islands, warn environmentalists. It is in this region, the probability of extinction is higher than anywhere else in the Land. In Australia, just in front of destroyed spectacular nature, a species threatened with extinction or restriction of their habitat. First of all, this is due because of climate change, invasion alien species, overexploitation of land rights and various contaminants and diseases prevalent in this region. In the report, scientists give specific recommendations, following which it is possible for some time slow processes of species extinction.

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