Hot-rolled Steel Sheet

It is noteworthy that the hot-rolled steel sheet is widely distributed in the automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, and is also used in the elements of the foundation of buildings, in bridge construction, manufacturing welded pipes and structures, as well as the bent structures, enclosures electrical cabinets, refrigerators and electronic machines. The company “RosMetMontazh” offers a hot-rolled steel sheet of carbon steel GOST 14637 – steel sheet width of 500 mm and larger (if necessary) the size, thickness 4 mm. Hot-rolled steel sheet GOST 16523 is made of carbon-quality steel heat-treated, as well as steel of ordinary quality thickness of 4.0 mm. Hire certified and always in stock sheet steel hot-divided on the quality of surface finish on the edge of nature, the ability to extract, by flatness, accuracy rolling in size. Depending on the mechanical properties of rolled sheet in the manufacture is divided into five categories of steel sheet defined by tests of strength, the ability to extract, etc. By product list Hot-rolled steel is classified into sheets and rolls of steel 10 marks (St3kp, St3ps, St3Gps, St4ps, St4sp, St5Gps and others). Speaking of products such as sheet steel, in addition, it is worth noting that the company can vysheoboznachennaya osuschesvit supply of steel plates of any size and dostaivt them in any region of Russia. Delivery in this case may be, or w / e or transport trucks. Order custom hot-rolled steel sheet size and any number of “RosMetMontazh” from the delivery vehicles at the customer’s. Perhaps galvanized hot, cold and thermal diffusion methods on their own production (dates – by arrangement). The company “RosMetMontazh” has its own equipment for metal, so cutting, picking, loading the required steel is in short terms, and delivery of a professional forwarder.

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