When someone asks, what is your dream? do you spend the next 30 minutes talking non-stop, saying all the wonderful things that you would like to achieve in your life? If so congratulations really, because there are many people that when I ask them this question, don’t know what to say: when I give a presentation of my business or interviewed anyone to work on my computer, for me it is crucial to know the aspirations that have, in order to be able to lead better and help them have a goal clearthat will allow them to stay the course. And interestingly I receive any number of responses: some look only at me and wondering what I’m talking about and truth that they can’t think of anything. Then start to ask, would you like travel? and well they respond: Yes, and tell them to where? and suddenly respond something, more like guessing, that expresandome his real desire to do so, or drawing, his mind returns to stay blank. Others respond with a nervous laugh, and tell me: Carmen, do you do you think that in these times of crisis, can one afford to dream? You have to work to survive and give thanks to God for what you have. Other people respond me to something like: because more money of course!! as if that were to be the dream of all human beings, that in addition, earn more money isn’t exactly a clearly defined dream, because if you win 10 dollars more, the next month, you’re already winning more money, however, is just that what you want?. Others, curiously, see me with an accusing look, as if the fact of dreaming is something sinful and tell me, with an attitude of rejection of my question, I really is that I do not aspire to much, with which it has food in my house, a roof and health, I am not asking for more, there are many people that today not even woke up with life and look at me I here, alive and kicking, so I am lucky.

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