District Government

Flower of life – School of naturopathy: the restricted as “Heilpraktiker/in” to gain admission to the practice of medicine psychotherapy possibility since 1993 in Germany. Since 1993 can achieve restricted admission to the practice of medicine in Germany as “Heilpraktiker/in” for psychotherapy. Who wants to be psychotherapeutic work in Germany, needed an official approval for this. As a result of the training, health practitioners, doctors and psychological psychotherapists, are entitled. You can also put an examination limited to the psychotherapy to the naturopath (psychotherapy) at each District Government since 1993. Permission is entitled but not to the leadership of the professional title “Heilpraktiker/in”, but only to the practice of psychotherapy! After passing checking, it is recommended to use one of the following job titles: “Heilpraktiker/in limited for psychotherapy”, or “Heilpraktiker/in (Psychotherapy) “.” Especially people who want to work only on the spiritual level such as with respiratory therapy benefit from the ability to be able to operate at all professionally a therapist (psychotherapy).

Training in the practitioner school life flower Hanover prepares aspiring “practitioners (psychotherapy)” nine weekends testing, with 9 weekends only tests are simulated. The next training for the “Heilpraktiker/in” restricted begins for psychotherapy at the 30.8.2008 at 10:00 naturopath school life blooms in Hanover..

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