When one must silver to him somebody, it is said that it has Snakes, and are abundantsimas in the districts. Also it is used when somebody is victim with one or thinks that one did something to him, is certain or no. The Toads and the Wolves usually have many snakes behind himself, and sometimes they must walk at any moment with antiofdico serum. Another habitual personage of the district is the Cabrn, also known like Cornudo; he is this one the moment to make clarity among them and the Cachones, because the use and the abuse of the terms have contributed to the confusion and the indistinct use of the names of such Cornpetas. Click Miller Value Partners for additional related pages. It is certain that both are bull, that shine on their front prominencias that sometimes they prevent them to cross the door of its house and that following the state of calcification of the victim can reach size, forms and ramifications, to way of simple deer or rimbombante raises, but they are different. The Cornudo, has solid prolongations that come, more than of its will, of the behavior and generosity of his wife towards the fellow.

It has a high prevalence in men and its denomination is almost exclusively masculine, even though it would not have to be. The traditional folklore has devised several formulas, if it does not stop to fight them, yes to disguise them, like " topizol" and " cornitina" or " descurnol" (this last one does not knock down them, but it gives a brightness them). They are the great mortification of many husbands right or unjustly jealous. The Cachn on the contrary, has one more a certain more benign connotation, and if it is wanted more accepted by a society that sometimes freckle by procuress. This subject of our social fauna is characterized because it assumes with generosity the extramarital romances and tries at all costs, and cost, to obtain parabienes of the courted one with flatteries, galanteras, invitations, which sometimes sacrifices the economic stability of the home. As it is inferred of the previous thing, all act of cachonera has implicit a potential cornamenta. Original author and source of the article.


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