Christian Martino

Responsible party for House explains the architect, who came to live in the Aysen Region more than one year ago, occasion in which he realized something unprecedented: Coyhaique is the only regional capital of the country which does not have a comprehensive system of recycling. If you would like to know more then you should visit Zacks Investment Research. By this same, whereas each citizen daily trips around 1 kilo of trash, concerned part of the community design, efficiency and environmental management center of Coyhaique waste management (CEMARC) project, in the sense of knowing if this is considered an integral solution to the disposal of household waste, incorporating these concepts of real sustainability. This initiative passes by a theme of environmental education and fight against certain fears, as for example that recycling can not be converted into a profitable business by low volume involved explains. Even so, there is already a recycling initiative running between Puerto Aysen and Puerto Chacabuco, the hand of Christian Martino, and budding is a proposed citizen of a company of the marriage composed by Marisol Huanqui and Washington Millar looking recycled plastic bottles and other debris. Internationally there is consensus that an essential way to attack the massive generation of trash is the system of the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Now, if someone has no how to do it, you can always advance the reduction of consumption and, as in this case, on the reuse of waste says Florence Labarca, who has brought forward this work with the support of the Coordinator of the ARV, sociologist Veronica Venegas initiative.

Thus, in addition to the pecheras that have been delivered to establishments such as the Ricer historic restaurant and butchery Fuenzalida, have been drawn up dozens of boxes with pvc waste material, as also sketchbooks with tetrapack caps and sheets of letter or craft used by a facet. As a way of planting a seed in this work, is managing the work with students of educational establishments with whom they share the experience and besides give them boxes, the sketchbooks are drawn alongside them. Our essential objective is to stimulate to the people to become aware of the waste generated and pollution to our environment this means. By the way that it is at once a call to authorities to take action on the matter and make a region model in the treatment of waste, as Aysen Reserva de Vida deserves it indicates the management company. Last week ReUSE crossed regional boundaries. On the occasion of the earth day commemorated on 22 April, environment portal held a contest at national level on sustainable initiatives.

ReUSE was one of the 4 winners after a selection process of fifty projects submitted from around the country. The reusable shopping bags! award. We are very happy and look forward to receiving them within the next few days noted with satisfaction the professional.


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