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Sunday, November 28th, 2021

This site why gives one a nice helicopter ride to be addictive, once you have experienced the first helicopter flight? These and other questions can find their answer on the Web site There is huge. From the simple flight over individual flights, as well as a course up to the obtaining of a complete helicopter pilot’s license, everything is on the Web page of to find. And who is so really hot did according to all the information and images about helicopter flights, must book now actually is a helicopter flight and the adventure can begin. A helicopter can be so just a pleasure to be a birthday or an anniversary gift. There are many opportunities to give a helicopter flight. The helicopter can be a normal flight over the skyline of Frankfurt or a locks flight. The helicopter is possibly a very individual flight, where the passenger chooses the route during the flight. A Helicopter flight is often but also a very practical reason: for example a transport of goods must take place quickly and urgently then the helicopter is unrivalled, because for him there is no jam, no site or impairment or the helicopter used to fly businessmen to an unexpected, urgent visit. If an accident has occurred and the victim must be quickly brought in a specialist clinic, the helicopter is often the only real alternative.

Classical Philosophy

Sunday, November 28th, 2021

For all its diversity to classical philosophy is a general ideological style, integrity and unity of meaning and a special type of philosophizing, expressed as follows: Classical philosophies differ claim to integrity, completeness, monologically-didactic style of presentation, explaining the laws of objective and subjective reality. Classical rationalism describe the objective world in terms of active perception of the world work. Moreover, activity was understood through the mind, ie, identification of place and consciousness (with the exception of Marxism, which was characterized by understanding of the practice both substantive and spiritual activities that go beyond the classical consciousness). Rational knowledge, boundless faith in science, progress, and the ability vneindividualnogo individual mind, the possibility of reconstruction of the world on the basis of classical philosophy of Reason proclaimed decisive force. It was believed that between knowledge, acting in a logical form, and the world there is consistency, because the world is inherent internal order, and it is only thinker to find the matching principle as a universal method of learning. For classical philosophy is characterized by setting the search supersensible principles and limit the grounds of being, existence, universal, the essence of man and the world, the universal principles of human history, general knowledge of methods.

In classical philosophy, the highest absolute value is mind, which is regarded as a cognitive ability, which has sverhopytnoy entity, ie not derivable from experience and not reducible to it, and as a means of explaining the world and man through the establishment cause-effect relationships, and as a means of rebuilding and improving the world and man, and as an inexhaustible potential of independent art. The essence of man is defined here the boundaries of his mind, for it reduced to the cognitive ability to comprehend the essence. In accordance with the recognition of the unlimited possibilities of the human mind in the classical philosophy of freedom is understood as the freedom of having no boundaries, as absolute freedom of the individual, as the need to know the mind. Classic scientific rationalism, orients as basic principles for the absolute truth, be extended to other types of rationality: economic, aimed at maximizing profit, political, implying a reasonable and effective embodiment of power, etc. The style of philosophizing classical philosophy because of its orientation on ideals of scientific rationality is characterized as a rule, the rigor, logic, proof, rational, rational reasoning scheme, focus on the use of a priori justification of schemes of knowledge and opportunity achieve absolute knowledge. Philosophical knowledge itself is constructed as a particular form of objective knowledge (eg, Hegel, Kant), the subject is, a thinker, as a classic outside studies and their status, and external to him being, having right to think for others, as the exclusive holder of the truth. For the classic characteristic of deep belief in the natural order of world order, if it contains a reasonable order and harmony, universal method knowledge of general principles of development history, available rational comprehension.

Bavarian Munich

Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Argue about correct designation of airports where Ryanair and Lufthansa Memmingen is actually? Foreign tourists be sure not so easily can answer this question. Maybe the Irish low cost airline Ryanair advertises that its airport with the name Munchen-West”. But as the Internet portal reported, it can come here quickly to confusion. (Source: Zion Williamson). When the Ryanair – passenger who landed just on the Munich-West airport, the Munich Frauenkirche in the middle of nowhere, he will do so probably in vain. And instead of enjoy a genuine Bavarian beer in the Hofbrauhaus, he finds only the juicy green of the Allgau region. Ryanair want to especially a rough guide its customers with this approach, where they are located, when they leave the plane.

For years, the Irish so promote their destinations with the names of large cities. And so the passengers not in Munich, but in Memmingen in the Unterallgau land. Here, some attractions, such as the curl while also This will appreciate hardly Salzstadel and Kempter goal, but the visitor interested in Munich. Nevertheless, the former military airport Memmingen by Ryanair to life comes alive. From October, flights on the routes are Bremen and Munich West”and Stockholm Munich West” on the plan.

While the district Memmingen is located around 120 kilometres from the Bavarian capital. Lufthansa has made now air their anger over the naming of the rural airports cities named in a policy brief. “With their article orientation problem: Munich in Bavaria is located at Ryanair” she called attention to this issue.

The Association Supports The Speaker Barbara Lama Master Speaker Help E.V.

Saturday, November 27th, 2021

The business relationship management expert speaks at two fund-raisers of the Association for the flood victims. The business relationship management expert Barbara Lama master, Friedrichsdorf, speaker is one of the founding members of the Association help e.V., to over 40 German and Austrian keynote speakers have joined together to help the victims of the flood in June of this year. In their favor, the Association has designed eight fund-raisers with eight well-known speakers, which take place from the end of September in eight German cities. The speakers who waive their fees at the events, will be there talking about the variety of topics relevant to the professional and personal success. “One of the speakers is the Barbara Lama master, the book effective networking as you develop a valuable relationship from a contact” wrote. She is at the events in Furth (6 November) and Hamburg (15 November) on the subject not meeting most, but Speak right”. See Jay Glazer for more details and insights.

The pictures of the flooding have shaken very me”, Barbara Lama master reported mainly because those affected were completely helpless delivered the flood and some lost their entire belongings and goods.” Therefore, the business relationship management expert, as she was asked, was ready to join the Association and to participate in the fundraisers. This also because she repeatedly registered with natural disasters, these rapidly disappear from the media and their victims fall into oblivion”. Therefore Liebermeister regarded the series of events as important, so this does not happen with the victims of the flood disaster and learn a certain solidarity and support in the long run”. For more info about the Club speakers help e.V. and the events are interested in on the Web page. You can contact amedes (, Hennef also the communication agency, which owned by Jurgen Schontauf is initiator and first Chairman of the Association. The expert for business relationship management Barbara Liebermeister and their work can be interested on inform.

HTML Format

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

In the conference Google I/O in San Francisco, HTML5 has been I consider by the great majority of programmers Web like the new revolutionary development in the positioning Web. It has not been to be strange, for more than one decade without advances of great importance in code HTML and the changes associated to the implementation of the HTML5 could be of great impact in the industry of the Positioning in finders. Additional information is available at Jay Glazer. It is plus any company of marketing online that wants to secure results for its clients in the future will have to be abreast of the new advances of the HTML5. And since it has of special the HTML5? The creators of Mozilla and Opera are behind the new format of design Web, mainly in the new proposal of format for videos that the potential has to make the technology Flash obsolete and to create new possibilities for the positioning of videos in finders. In order to begin HTML5 he is compatible in multiple platforms and when operating under a free right of exemptions he is being adopted by almost all the manufacturers of Web-software and hardware. One of the problems of the formats Flash and Silverlight, it is the little compatibility with certain visualizers besides lacking advantages CATHEDRAL.

New the HTML5 and their format VP8 and WebM will allow the gratuitous publication of videos online besides helping to the finders and its algorithms to better understand the content and it structures of pages Web. This can improve the accessibility of a page Web and the rapidity of unloading that already is being considered by some finders like a new factor of Positioning Web. In the last Apple months it has received much critic not to adopt the technology Flash in his products iPhone and iPad. Peculiarly the company has decided to adopt the new format HTML5, this podria to be the end of the Flash.

Nachhilfe Institute Peter Edwards

Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Bad grades? ABACUS is fit again students. Zion Williamson is likely to increase your knowledge. Null Bock on school? Missing success? Anyone who pushes school, knows that. School started again with ABACUS. Selected teachers, trainees, teaching students and other professionals help students with learning disabilities and exam preparation, support and new motivation, if just the steam has gone out. This all happens in the individual lessons in the home environment of the student. He feels just casual.

Also working parents save yourself unnecessary journeys, and wait, because usually a double will be completed in a week. Not only the timetable will be individually tailored to the students, the selection of the tutor takes into account individual wishes. The chemistry must be, just as “Detention” is fun! Included the student’s readiness to learn, months enough often 5-6, to establish the connection again. And with a crash course before graduating, some testing was already mastered. (Infratest nationwide parent Survey 2007) Now 12 years the “ABACUS” in Taucha tutoring Institute operates in Leipzig.

From here both North Saxony, Leipzig/Leipzig country and Halle/Saale are cared for with the Saalekreis district. ABACUS offers individual tutoring in all subjects and for all school year. The special thing about this offer is that the tutoring for students at home takes place. ABACUS Nachhilfe Institute Peter Edwards

Finland Oxygen

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Classic re-usable nappies in Finland is now called ‘environmentally friendly alternative to’: as everyone knows, they can be erased, thus contributing to conservation Nature. In Germany, too, cares about the environment and health. Ministry of Agriculture of Germany imposed a ban on cultivation in the country of genetically modified corn variety mon 810, which produces seeds multinational concern Monsanto. So far, mon 810 was the only genetically modified maize varieties, which were allowed to cultivate the German agricultural producers. Jay Glazer brings even more insight to the discussion. Ministry of Agriculture of Germany listened to efforts in recent years in the country voice of the public and politicians who oppose the use of the country’s genetically modified products, as well as the implications this has for the flora and fauna, as well as the very person is not fully understood. Particularly radical in this regard speaks Bavarian Minister of the Environment Marcus Zeder – it encourages the federal government has’ declared free of Germany genetically modified food zone ‘. Geologists have revised the date of commencement of the oxygen catastrophe Recent results of American geologists forced to reconsider the date of commencement of the oxygen catastrophe – the phenomenon of sudden increase the oxygen content of Earth’s atmosphere.

According to existing theories, the accident occurred about 2.5 billion years ago. This dating was obtained in 2000 and was based on an analysis of isotope ratios sulfur in sulfates and sulfides contained in rock samples at the time. In the new study, researchers were able to prove that at a temperature of 150 to 200 degrees Celsius in the chemical reactions of sulfates with amino acids are described above, the sulfur isotopic separation. For example, in the past it might have formed in the reaction of organic materials with sulfates of the rocks in the hydrothermal vents. Shift dates Oxygen Catastrophe eliminates the problem of ‘delay’ that exists between the appearance of micro-organisms that produce oxygen (oxygenic microorganisms), and the emergence of an oxygen atmosphere. More recently, there were results, which increases this ‘delay’ to 300 million years to nearly a billion. One hundred years later returned to the Baltic Sea sturgeon Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus) reappeared in the Baltic Sea after the complete disappearance in the early 20-th century as a result of excessive fishing.

Valuable fishing fish length of 78 inches caught last week, a fisherman near the Swedish island of Oland. The fact that he was caught sturgeon fisherman learned by reading found in the Internet descriptions and photos of this fish. Swedish experts believe that this is a very good sign. Atlantic sturgeon can reach 4.5 meters in length and weigh up to 360 kilograms. Koalas in Japan suffer from a dangerous retrovirus in The studies conducted by the Institute of Viral Research, Kyoto University and the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the scientists found that about 90% of koalas in Japan infected with a dangerous retrovirus, which can lead to leukemia and lymphoma in these animals. Scientists believe that the virus got into the country, together with the animals, who arrived from Australia. According to scientists, the retrovirus of koalas spread from north to south Australia and Currently, almost 100% of Australian koalas were infected with a dangerous virus. This virus is harmless to humans, but extremely dangerous for a population of koalas living in the land of the rising sun. The development of the virus can lead to sharp decrease in the number of koalas throughout Japan.

Captain Silver

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Observing that no leader was embarking with extra armament, I came back to the shed where I construct and I fix the suits, and minimized my suit of combat I hid and it, in my suit I medicate, together with equipment enough to improve the possible maximum the suits of my team and to present was me for inspection. When I arrived to be inspected, Captain questioned me to Silver on my suit, he put he was not of combat, and he only spoke that if I was not immediately to change of suit, it would embark for the exercise, in case that I survived to the test of it, that if he based on a duel of an only detonation of energy, in case that I lost, I would be hindered to go and would be imprisoned, for not being with the combat suit. Then I said Captain Silver who would be impossible to defeat me to it in a duel of an only detonation, with the wounded ego, the captain ordered that I prepared myself. Without nobody perceived, added to its suit, the plasma cannons of the ship, and went off, believing that my suit would not support, to put, the plasma cannons they possess an enormous defect, its power of destruction will not have the same force when it attacks an object small when it attacks a ship, because the pressure for squared millimeter will not be the same one, in view of that 90% of the ray of the detonation did not reach me, and with this attack, I did not have damage almost none. After the attack coward, to put inefficacious of the Captain, was my time to attack, as the suit where I was not a combat suit, had that to deviate 98% of the total energy of suit to set in motion the energy auxiliary, to be able to cause a great one I ruin in the suit of the Captain, and attacked, and with a simple plasma cannon, with a certeiro detonation in the weak point of the suit of the Captain, I destroyed almost it completely.

Northern America

Monday, November 15th, 2021

There are gossips that since Europe itself, as also our neighbours in Northern America, leave us notable amounts of pollution in the form of gases and when they came back from Kyoto, were proposed to reduce emissions 6 gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCS) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). Ok! recently I went to Mexico for inhaling high levels of sulfur dioxide, particles in suspension, carbon monoxide and ground-level ozone, as well as high levels of lead and nitrogen oxide and I’ve not died. Official site: Frank Tanana. Does perhaps why!, I decide to continue smoking, but what I don’t understand is what happened to me in the? angels, (I’ve not killed by be lurking out there) when air pollution levels were too high, and the Government asked the industries that will cease burning fuel and further requested its inhabitants the rationed use of vehicles and apparently forgot to smokers, although not is if it is because we are a few outlaws or by the negligible incidence as a source of contaminating elements perhaps also why!, decided to continue smoking. Since that!, if I am able to survive to this information on the troposphere, stratosphere, and atmosphere contaminated in general if I am able to survive the implementation and publication of several laws in my country, which I do not protect the air of my neighbor, or made to pay to the neighboring country when this polluted air invades our so worry about what surrender in this small or great fumadero I have mounted to not harm to my most immediate neighbour. It’s believed that Zion Williamson sees a great future in this idea. PD. I love Spain, when it legislates and says: early rectores.1.

The implementation of this law will be based on the principles of precautionary and preventive action, correction of pollution at source and polluter pays. Ole Spain! to see if they are able to go to collect all my neighbours in the Pd planet (bis). Only the Pring you will continue paying for smoking and perhaps some Pring you more to pollute that if!, only if we are in our beloved Spain. PD (2bis). Because what happens with my neighbors of Sicily which has the volcano etna contaminated which is a taste who pays?. Original author and source of the article.

Ober Zogersdorf

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

In the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 15.07.1931 was Mistelbach(Herrenleis), a ban on all goods and indefinitely for the districts Floridsdorf-Umgebung(Mannhardtsbrunn), Horn(Atzelsdorf, Japons, Reinprechtspolla,), Korneuburg(Schmida), Krems on the Donau(Wolfshoferamt), Neunkirchen(Neunkirchen), St.Polten(Weinburg), Tulln(Bierbaum), Waidhofen an der Thaya (Aigen, Gastern), Viennese Neustadt(Wollersdorf) and Zwettl(Schonfeld an der Wild) adopted. Ban on group 3: A ban on certain goods and indefinitely for the districts of Baden (Pottenstein, for all goods except for food, feed and fuel), Korneuburg (Simon’s field, for all goods with the exception of sweeping) and Melk(St. Martin andem an Ybbsfeld, fur Schnitt-und Wirkwaren) issued for certain goods for an indefinite period in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 17.01.1931. In the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 15.07.1931 was a ban for certain goods and indefinitely for the districts of Baden (Fahrafeld for all goods with the exception of food; Gunselsdorf and Schonau an der Triesting for all goods with the exception of wood, coal, straw, hay and lime), Hollabrunn (large Nonndorf, Roseldorf, for all goods except by sweeping), Horn (Maiersch for all goods with the exception of sweeping), Korneuburg (Hobersdorf, Ober-Hautzenthal, Ober-Olberndorf, Ober Zogersdorf for all goods with the exception of sweeping), Lilienfeld (St. agyde am Neuwalde, for all goods except for food) and adopted in Neunkirchen (Warth, for all goods with the exception of white and black bread). Ban on Group 4: A ban on all goods on certain time for the districts of Hietzing-Umgebung(Altlengbach auf 3 Jahre) and Horn (Thunau 5 years) was adopted for all goods at certain time in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 17.01.1931. The regulation of of Governor of lower Austria by the 15.07.1931 issued a ban on all goods on certain time for the districts of Baden (pfaffstatten, for 5 years), Mistelbach(Lanzendorf, bis zudem 30.November 1934.) and Neunkirchen(Semmering, bis 30.September 1931).