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Captain Silver

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Observing that no leader was embarking with extra armament, I came back to the shed where I construct and I fix the suits, and minimized my suit of combat I hid and it, in my suit I medicate, together with equipment enough to improve the possible maximum the suits of my team and to present was me for inspection. When I arrived to be inspected, Captain questioned me to Silver on my suit, he put he was not of combat, and he only spoke that if I was not immediately to change of suit, it would embark for the exercise, in case that I survived to the test of it, that if he based on a duel of an only detonation of energy, in case that I lost, I would be hindered to go and would be imprisoned, for not being with the combat suit. Then I said Captain Silver who would be impossible to defeat me to it in a duel of an only detonation, with the wounded ego, the captain ordered that I prepared myself. Without nobody perceived, added to its suit, the plasma cannons of the ship, and went off, believing that my suit would not support, to put, the plasma cannons they possess an enormous defect, its power of destruction will not have the same force when it attacks an object small when it attacks a ship, because the pressure for squared millimeter will not be the same one, in view of that 90% of the ray of the detonation did not reach me, and with this attack, I did not have damage almost none. After the attack coward, to put inefficacious of the Captain, was my time to attack, as the suit where I was not a combat suit, had that to deviate 98% of the total energy of suit to set in motion the energy auxiliary, to be able to cause a great one I ruin in the suit of the Captain, and attacked, and with a simple plasma cannon, with a certeiro detonation in the weak point of the suit of the Captain, I destroyed almost it completely.

Northern America

Monday, November 15th, 2021

There are gossips that since Europe itself, as also our neighbours in Northern America, leave us notable amounts of pollution in the form of gases and when they came back from Kyoto, were proposed to reduce emissions 6 gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCS) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). Ok! recently I went to Mexico for inhaling high levels of sulfur dioxide, particles in suspension, carbon monoxide and ground-level ozone, as well as high levels of lead and nitrogen oxide and I’ve not died. Official site: Frank Tanana. Does perhaps why!, I decide to continue smoking, but what I don’t understand is what happened to me in the? angels, (I’ve not killed by be lurking out there) when air pollution levels were too high, and the Government asked the industries that will cease burning fuel and further requested its inhabitants the rationed use of vehicles and apparently forgot to smokers, although not is if it is because we are a few outlaws or by the negligible incidence as a source of contaminating elements perhaps also why!, decided to continue smoking. Since that!, if I am able to survive to this information on the troposphere, stratosphere, and atmosphere contaminated in general if I am able to survive the implementation and publication of several laws in my country, which I do not protect the air of my neighbor, or made to pay to the neighboring country when this polluted air invades our so worry about what surrender in this small or great fumadero I have mounted to not harm to my most immediate neighbour. It’s believed that Zion Williamson sees a great future in this idea. PD. I love Spain, when it legislates and says: early rectores.1.

The implementation of this law will be based on the principles of precautionary and preventive action, correction of pollution at source and polluter pays. Ole Spain! to see if they are able to go to collect all my neighbours in the Pd planet (bis). Only the Pring you will continue paying for smoking and perhaps some Pring you more to pollute that if!, only if we are in our beloved Spain. PD (2bis). Because what happens with my neighbors of Sicily which has the volcano etna contaminated which is a taste who pays?. Original author and source of the article.

Ober Zogersdorf

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

In the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 15.07.1931 was Mistelbach(Herrenleis), a ban on all goods and indefinitely for the districts Floridsdorf-Umgebung(Mannhardtsbrunn), Horn(Atzelsdorf, Japons, Reinprechtspolla,), Korneuburg(Schmida), Krems on the Donau(Wolfshoferamt), Neunkirchen(Neunkirchen), St.Polten(Weinburg), Tulln(Bierbaum), Waidhofen an der Thaya (Aigen, Gastern), Viennese Neustadt(Wollersdorf) and Zwettl(Schonfeld an der Wild) adopted. Ban on group 3: A ban on certain goods and indefinitely for the districts of Baden (Pottenstein, for all goods except for food, feed and fuel), Korneuburg (Simon’s field, for all goods with the exception of sweeping) and Melk(St. Martin andem an Ybbsfeld, fur Schnitt-und Wirkwaren) issued for certain goods for an indefinite period in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 17.01.1931. In the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 15.07.1931 was a ban for certain goods and indefinitely for the districts of Baden (Fahrafeld for all goods with the exception of food; Gunselsdorf and Schonau an der Triesting for all goods with the exception of wood, coal, straw, hay and lime), Hollabrunn (large Nonndorf, Roseldorf, for all goods except by sweeping), Horn (Maiersch for all goods with the exception of sweeping), Korneuburg (Hobersdorf, Ober-Hautzenthal, Ober-Olberndorf, Ober Zogersdorf for all goods with the exception of sweeping), Lilienfeld (St. agyde am Neuwalde, for all goods except for food) and adopted in Neunkirchen (Warth, for all goods with the exception of white and black bread). Ban on Group 4: A ban on all goods on certain time for the districts of Hietzing-Umgebung(Altlengbach auf 3 Jahre) and Horn (Thunau 5 years) was adopted for all goods at certain time in the regulation of the lower Austrian Governor of the 17.01.1931. The regulation of of Governor of lower Austria by the 15.07.1931 issued a ban on all goods on certain time for the districts of Baden (pfaffstatten, for 5 years), Mistelbach(Lanzendorf, bis zudem 30.November 1934.) and Neunkirchen(Semmering, bis 30.September 1931).

Honorary Advisor

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Currently 36 exhibitors enrich the exhibition accompanying the Conference. For more information see this site: Zion Williamson. Adding to the entrepreneurial and professional solutions for seasoned and aspiring real Honorary Advisor and honorary bankers presented at the Congress. The number of participants bookings from the circle of honorary consultants and interested parties has already reached the level of 400 people (as of 30 September). The event provides the widest range of information since the beginning of the honorary Advisory in the Federal Republic. It is therefore a must for all supporters and critics of a consumer-oriented, fee-based financial consultancy.

The current version of the program and list of exhibitors can be found each on * program changes reserved info: the VDH GmbH was founded in the year 2000 Federation of German Honorary Consultant (VDH) is the leading service and solutions provider for the honorary consulting in Germany. He has in recent years significantly the professional image of the honorary consultant shaped and continue developed. With over 1200 consultants, private banks, asset managers, financial planner and free advisors include its more than 330 affiliated partner companies. The VDH established the honorary consulting in Germany over the past nine years due to the structure of the entire infrastructure. These include the MiFID – and VVG compliant advice technology, accounting systems, including the automated refund kick backs, draft contract and fee models, as well as the entire fee product world with more than 250 product donors. Currently, the consulting firm connected with the VDH serve approximately EUR 750 million of investments, as well as more than 700 million euros the amount of insurance contribution. The development of the profession of “Honorary consultant” to the stand occupation is one of the declared objectives of the VDH. The necessary legal amendments were submitted to the consumer protection Ministry recently.

Federal Court

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Because if an entrepreneur expanded its business area in the form that he outsources advertising his website to affiliates, the risk of rights violations of affiliates belong risk controllable by the entrepreneurial. However the liability of merchants is limited according to the BGH on those business activities of the affiliates, “which makes this in connection with the Division, which is based on the contract”. It was so that the domain of the affiliates, which surfaced on Google did not belong to an affiliate of the defendants in the case. In such a case it would go basically too far according to the BGH, to the merchant for violations under this domain not associated with the contractual relationship to the responsibility. The dispute is still the question, whether this domain to a domain covered by the affiliate agreement was directly coupled and knew the defendant thereof. In case of a liability of merchants could be again considered, so the BGH. The Court now has to clarify this question of the coupling.

Thus, the BGH has not decided the case. Nevertheless, the principles established by the Federal Court of Justice in the future must be observed. It will be based on of the case the question must, are recorded if the affiliate makes acts in a Division, of the affiliate agreement. If this question relates only to different domains, can be relatively simply clarify, if not such as in the case of the problem Moreover, that individual domains within and outside the partner program linked the liability question. Just what follows, if an advertisement on a domain belonging to the partner program will shut this advertising but beyond that, what was laid down in the Treaty? You can exclude liability in such cases by clauses in the affiliate agreement? That will depend on how one defines the “business unit” mentioned by the Federal Court of Justice. More information is housed here: Burgess Owens.

Hamburger Speicherstadt

Saturday, November 6th, 2021

Now have already over 45 tenants and more than 125 labels and brands as the warehouse district into one of the most important fashion centers in Northern Germany Timberland, Mavi Jeans, Marc O’Polo Polo, or blessed & cursed with their showrooms on an area of approximately 20,000 square meters are. To meet the growing demand, HHLA now developing real estate the memory block Q. He is at the entrance to the HafenCity and between St. Annen – and wall cream fleet in an exposed location on the future main highway traffic between Jungfernstieg and cruise ship terminal. Here attractive and multifunctional commercial surfaces currently on about 6,000 square meters. This variable uses with individual facilities of the Office are possible up to the presentation and storage area.

In 2008, the former coffee store was rebuilt block R3 according to the customer’s wishes and the requirements of the fashion and textile industry and opened up to approximately 4,500 square meters Showroomflache for the commercial use of fashion -, design – and furniture industry. In the 125-year-old warehouse district, around 300,000 square meters are economically sensible, creative, and according to the Complex customer designed and managed – always with a high degree of competence and sustainability. “We are responsible for a gentle urban development located in downtown Hamburg in the warehouse district”, explains Thomas Kuhlmann, head of the real estate of HHLA. “The Speicherstadt is becoming more and more the catwalks of the fashion industry.” In the unique charm of the historic Speicherstadt, which both maintain the traditional support structures and wood plank floors, but also allow modern, loft, and tenant-specific layouts surfaces. About HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG is a leading port logistics in Europe. With their segment containers, intermodal and logistics are the HHLA vertically along the transport chain. Efficient container terminals, high-performance transport systems, and comprehensive logistics services form a complete network between the seaport and the European hinterland.

In its segment real estate develops, leases and manages the HHLA for 125 years the Hamburger Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse complex in the world. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Arnell. Attractive rental terms available provides standard offices as well as individually tailored storage floors on just under 300,000 square meters commercial area between downtown and the HafenCity HHLA in the Speicherstadt in addition to a unique ambiance. More information under press contact: Alexander Weber Lai & colleagues is the strategic communications consultancy for medium-sized enterprises as well as larger consolidated units, as well as urban and municipal facilities. The thematic focus of advice in addition to business & services in the fields of regional marketing & tourism, sports & sponsorship, technology & healthcare, corporate (social) responsibility.


Friday, November 5th, 2021

We collect us thus artificially, using the illusion, to be close to the target, and demean anything other than the goals away and inferior. But this conviction, which we come to the other side of the enlightenment to yet subtly continues in us and ferment away, affects us just even. And we fall into the fallacy increasingly, nobody to help us, because it assumes that one is much further than everyone else, what therefore subordinate to it yes it and makes it useless for us. Have I so maneuvered me into this tangled situation, I have same desperate condition, which is also one, which so far feels itself enlightenment internally. Unless I me the idea is there, the goal is enlightenment, have I at my apparent separated being of it as well as others who do and thus continuously nourish my dissatisfaction. I find myself in isolation, in which this attitude of pride brings me and develop the feeling more and more, the world and the people have no more me To give. That the basic idea is enlightenment the target point of urging us, that it is good to be close to de enlightenment and it is again bad to be away, not to deny. That this is also the root of our discontent, to be many but not obvious, may seem perhaps not nearly comprehensible.

However, the correlations are actually quite obvious. One could say, where is possible to assess for us and we the measuring bar by applying good and bad first have, there is never a real gains for us, we remain the eternal loser. And related to our here this example, we can say: no matter whether we are at the beginning or just before the apparent target, our review has obviously always an unpleasant side effect. Therefore I tend in principle more and more to concepts that are not linear, so no beginning or an end, are not evaluating in terms of good and bad. But I give the room more concepts equivalent classify each experience, where every moment neither the beginning nor the end of matches, but for himself alone a unit that forms a perfection. Because a life is just not running off and arrive, but a never-ending cycle without starting and destination, somewhere a perpetual Angekommensein.

The circle represents the equivalence of every moment, every place and every human experience because in contrast to the line far more. In the district, there are neither at the beginning nor end, just simultaneity. “” At any position, at any point of the circuit I am, without a point of reference, consider me letting that I front or rear am or the right or wrong way, always on the right place”at the right place”and this is the absolutely right time”. Any moment, at any position is equally valuable and also itself quite complete in itself and in relation to all other moments and positions. By we the wholeness, the valuable, the Recognize beauty in everything, we deny the mutual review comparing and measuring, and we together find a good far of piece of more peace in our lives. And there is the suspicion of us then close, that enlightenment always takes place, that the journey is the reward

Juliano Lopes

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

Photo 1: Headboard and source west of the Camb stream Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva In photo 1 it is verified area of bush around the place of the spring, at the same time that, it respectively skirtes its headboard in the part west and north highways PR 445 and BR 369, the stream follows the sensible northwest – Southeastern, becoming all the region entorno already remodelled by the action of the man ahead of the nature with application of its technologies. The ambient conditions disfavor therefore of the other side of highway BR 369 have a pluvial gallery that on this day poluda occurred a constant water ousting pparently coming of the side west (Camb). Next to the entrance for Camb in PR 445 with Garden Pink Ana Camb, in a new stopped the side of the highway, can be observed clearly a great extension of the sources of the Jacutinga stream and the basins of its tributaries in the portion west of the city of Native of London. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jay Glazer is the place to go. This region is important therefore the streams of Native of London for the most part runs of west for east and the basin of the Jacutinga stream cuts to all portion north of the city. Its valleys and sources are used in agriculture for giving rich and very propitious ground to the agricultural activity. In a privileged position to contemplate the sight and the landscape of and to entorno of Native of London, a stop in the ridge is made north where, all is observed the espacialidade of the hidrogrficas basins of Native of London, cutting the west city the east, more specifically is the region of the district of the Warta that is possible to contemplate the sight. If you would like to know more then you should visit Zion Williamson. Photo 2: Panoramic of the Ridge north of the city of Native of London (next to the Warta) Source: Juliano Lopes Da Silva Made use with Native of London the front Ibipor of the basins and Camb to the sum of the basins, a vision of more than 180 around Native of London is had downstream, being able to observe the west still more the cities of Rolndia Arapongas. . . related topic.

The People

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

As usuary common you must verify the following thing mainly: a) That a product or sobreestimated service is not. b) That the product has a real utility, that is to say, that works propocionando some precise and provable benefit or contributing to solve a concrete problem. This will cause that the product really concerns people to him. Later, if you were interested in the opportunity of neogocio you must have in it counts this: a) That a product or original and unique service is, that is to say, that other companies do not offer it. b) That a product or reconsumible service is, that is to say, that its consumption is repeated time and time again with certain frequency. This caraterstica is vital, since on this one the residual entrance depends. Click Dale Ellis to learn more. c) That a product or purchasable service only through independent representatives is, that is to say, who not ofezca in massive points of sale.

d) That a product or applicable service in common habits of consumption and not of a product or service treats that forces the user to incorporate new habits of consumption to its style of life. It happened to me with a product of trips that offered. Without hesitation Peter Arnell explained all about the problem. To the people the unique thing whom it really attracted to him was the idea of being able to generate money benefitting from the leverage. The product in itself did not wake up the minimum interest to him. Only they acquired to be able to develop the business, but, neither received or it they threw, it that way and some abran or it.

Thus I managed yet to arm a network of 45 distributors that generated income to me only each that a new distributor was built-in, attracted by the possibility of generating income as well recruiting to other people. The product in itself did not matter to him to anybody, since it did not have a real utility and it had much competition (it was not a unique product). The residual entrance did not work since the product was not reconsumible. Like the pillar on which it is maintained all business multilevel is the product or service that is commercialized and here practically no existed, ” negocio” she did not walk and, normally, people later or more early ended up leaving. I believe that this experience somehow gives answer to the following question: why of each 100 people who initiate a business multilevel, they leave it to 90 before turning its first year?