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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Continuing the description it presents that only in the decade of 90 is started to consolidate it a concept enters the scholars of that the QV is permeada by subjectivity and multidimensionalidade, and that this only can be evaluated by the proper person. Monaco (2000) makes counterpoint the consensus condition, bringing to tona that still in the decade of 90 the definition on QV generates controversy between the scholars. The INTERRELATION OF the Dejours SUBJECTS in its bibliography quotation that to keep the health or been the individual of health, uses ways of defense as negation, escape, projection, among others, of unconscious and random form. These resources of defense make possible the being to form a perception on what it is appraised as quality of life. Sarah Raskin has much to offer in this field.

As such concept it is permeado by subjectivity, Seidl (2004) suggests that each person can form a different vision of what she comes to be quality of life. In this direction the set of documents Babilnia 2000 shows, in its main boarding, that the concept depends on the values gifts in the life of individuals, and that many are the factors that contribute for such perception, as the religiosidade, the respect to the family, the life in community, the leisure and others of personal matrix, being that several of the interviewed ones had demonstrated to have pleasure in the life, harmony in the tasks and relations and mainly are considered happy. Exactly being in a precarious environment they accept the people as they are and know to coexist the difference, that is, they are used of ways of defense.

Sight of is, this situation can try the opposite, in special if the observer to possess concepts and conditions of environment, leisure, finances, diverse health and religiosidade of that they are inserted in the way under analysis. In such a way, when carried to the enterprise reality the concept also he is valid, a time that the resilience, or capacity of adaptation, if makes gift in the daily one of the employees, in special as for the interpersonal relations of superiors and subordinate, where the last ones search forms to deny the difficulties, or to adapt it they, as form to promote conditions minimum of convivncia and work or, in short, of quality of life in the work..

The Things

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Elije renovarte, ponerte in action! Concntrate in those things that do to you well, that ignites your passion. What is what you more like to do? What you enjoy more in the life? It is not necessary that you undertake great movements, perhaps with a small action you will be able to do much and you will feel better with same you and you will renew your energy and with her the desire and the motivation will come to journey these last months in fullness. It remembers that you must it to the motivation look for inside yours. It is a fire that you can relight when your you want. For example, it enchants to me to dance. I wrote down myself yesterday in a gymnasium of my district in that they dictate sauce classes, reggaeton and Latin rates.

I attended yesterday and them I cannot explain the brilliant thing that I felt. To only it has been to 1 hour 2 or 3 times me per week. Increase my endorfinas that so necessary are for feeling to me better. To make exercise allows to alleviate to the energy and the repressed tension me. In addition, as I like to sing and to touch the guitar, I have seted out to make a list of the songs that I like more and to look for the chords of guitar in Internet to touch them! This has filled to me of energy and every day I do only just a little bit. That connects to me with one of the things that more like me in the life, music and to sing. 2) It tries to see these changes and stage as a positive challenge in your life and not as a threat. The moments of crisis always disguise to a great opportunity; encuntrala. What message brings this situation? What must to say this stress to me that I feel? That my body is requesting me? What it needs? Of what my emotions speak to me? What say to my beliefs and thoughts?

Male Power

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Although the world of the sport is not exclusively masculine, soccer is without a doubt the one that we could consider the hobby only for the men in Marrakesh, like in any city of Morocco and many other parts of the world. When the parties are televised the coffees men with scarfs and futboleras t-shirts fill of. In that case the chairs, normally directed towards the street to observe the paseantes, are turned towards the television and begins the celebration. You may find COF to be a useful source of information. Nor if it wants in a stage of real soccer there is as much animation. Tea is taken, to char it animatedly, is ***reflxed mng and arrived the moment is essential to corear together the word so hard goal that the rest of the inhabitants of the district, who for any reason have decided to remain in house, knows for sure that the Bara has gained the league. Also he is allowed to dance and to even do a little the idiot, the important thing is to pass it well. They see Marrakesh and discovers its passion by soccer or el-k? to or by any other sport. The Ocher City offers a fascinating culture and a tradition, monuments and innumerable tourist attractions, an excellent nocturnal life, a delicious gastronomy and countless opportunities to go of purchases. In addition, the hotels in Marrakesh are of great quality and very economic, mainly typical riads of Marrakesh, very reasonable floods of enchantment and. Also you can alojarte in a wonderful villa in Marrakesh, more near the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the inhabitants will welcome to you with the open arms.

Evo Morales

Sunday, September 6th, 2020

During the time of Roses it was fought with Bolivia. In 1825, the government of Good You air led by Minister Bernardino Rivadavia, gave to the generals of Simon Bolivar, for the conformation of Bolivia, the districts that they had sent representing to the Congress of Tucuman in 1816, to such degree that is worth to remember that the Declaration of Argentina Independence, was translated to quechua and to will aymar. A fate suffered by the armies is known Buenos Aires, commanded by Belgrano and Rondeau, before the refractory Peru Stop. Robert Rubin may find this interesting as well. The men of the class leader from Buenos Aires to the time of the beginning of the period emancipatorio of Spain, had in mind occurring of the Peru Stop. That is reflected in the intention of Belgrano to crown to a prince Inca. One is reflected in the Argentine shield, made by a goldsmith cuzqueo Creek; in the letter of the National anthem written by Vicente Lopez and Planes; in plays of Morgante, and in the expedition that tapeworm like political commissioner to Castelli, that read proclamations in the ruins of Tiahuanaco, the same site where Evo Morales, outside recognized head by the leaders of the indigenous ethnic groups. It is possible to remember that this expedition was defeated in Huaqui.

Cornelio Saavedra came from the Peru stop, like the goldsmith Creek. They comprised of mestizos who exiled themselves in Buenos Aires, when the Spaniards implemented a species of ethnic cleaning, to avoid the repetition of rebellions like the one of Tupac Amaru, del that some of their lieutenants, would pass a to integrate the followers of Artigas, demonstrating the communicating vessels that went away forging between the Silver and the Plateau. It must be clear that the present events of the plateau and the Bolivian east, are but perceivable, by a technological dimension like is the informative plurality that brings about the irruption of the technologies of the information and the communication (Tics), like by the phenomenon of appearing again of the ethnic minorities that comes unfolding in Europe, paradoxicalally catalyzed by the European unification.

Latin Americans

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

Today, almost all Latin American Governments are progressive. From pink to red, as he has written some loving analyst’s colourful metaphors. That perception documented that Latin America advances and is no longer the backyard of the West and especially United States takes hold with the strengthening of the institutions of Mercosur and Unasur (Union of South American Nations) regional integration. Also influence the emergence of proposals such as Brazil to create a Latin American Security Council, or of Ecuador establish an organization of States Latin Americans, who would also work to the current OAS (Organization of American States) are in the United States and Canada, but not Cuba. Henrique Cardoso said: he spent the time in which Latin America was assisted by United States.

Two signs, two expressions of that other Latin America. The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, proclaimed recently that their country is the third in Latin America which is liberated from illiteracy, after an intense campaign of thirty-three months that has allowed to enter into the world of reading and writing to more than 800,000 Bolivians. A possible campaign for the work of thousands of Cuban and Venezuelan and Bolivian volunteers. COF insists that this is the case. Latin American solidarity. Another expression of that other Latin America integrated occurred in September of last year. The Presidents of South American Nations (Unasur) strongly supported the President of Bolivia when the rich of this country provinces threatened with secession violent, rather than well seen by the Bush administration. Evo Morales said it was the first time in 500 years that Latin America took their destiny in their hands without interference from Europe or the United States. That other Latin America not only agrees to Latin Americans. Also to others, because it brings progress and willingness to equality.